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Eternal Idol
The Unrevealed Secret
January 2017
Released: 2016, Frontiers Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

It was surprising news when, earlier in 2016, arch-power metal vocalist Fabio Leone announced his departure from Rhapsody of Fire. At the time, his choice to leave arguably the most famous power metal band of all time for a new career fronting a new group called Eternal Idol was indeed puzzling. However, the other musicians that make up Eternal Idol are not fresh-faced know-nothings as 3 members of Italian progressive metallers Hollow Haze are in the ranks. Intriguingly, this includes vocalist Giorgia Colleluori, giving the new group two lead singers. Crazily, Colleluori was born in the same year that Rhapsody initially formed (1995)!

Advance single “Is the Answer Far from God?” is an speedy, aggressive power metal song that, while lacking the bombast of Rhapsody of Fire, is still an energetic song that highlights both vocalists and the huge potential inherent in this new band. Similarly, as leadoff cut “Evil Tears” kicks in with mid-paced power metal crunch, highlighted by a strong Colleluori vocal, things are looking up indeed for THE UNREVEALED SECRET.

The first five songs are laser-focused on this accessible, slightly gothic-tinged, style of power metal, and successfully build an intense atmosphere that is beholden to none of the members’ other bands. Unfortunately, as the album carries on the music begins to meander into less straight forward territory, including weak balladry. It severely dilutes the strength of the album and makes it peter out rather than end with a bang.

Did Leone make the right decision to leave the band he is famous for? That’s not for me to judge; he obviously felt the need to shake up his career and do something different – more power to him that. As for Eternal Idol, based on the evidence of THE UNREVEALED SECRET, there is huge potential here. If the band can focus their song writing into more forceful tracks like the first half of this album, the sky is the limit. I’d also like to hear better integration of the two strong vocalists, but I’m sure that will come as they grow more confident with each other. Eternal Idol are off to a great start.
Track Listing

1. Evil Tears
2. Another Night Comes
3. Awake in Orion
4. Is the Answer Far from God?
5. Blinded
6. Sad Words Unveiled
7. Desidia
8. Hall of Sins
9. Feels Like I’m Dying
10. A Song in the Wind
11. Stormy Days
12. Beyond


Fabio Leone: Vocals
Giorgia Colleluori: Vocals
Nick Savio: Guitar, Keyboards
Andrea Buratto: Bass
Camillo Colleluori: Drums



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