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Eternal Flight
December 2004
Released: 2004, Cruz Del Sur
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Year-end wrap-up: Each of the last few years to wrap up the year I have picked a theme for my reviews for December. This year due to the overwhelming number of CD’s that deserve exposure, recognition and commentary I am going to resort to quantity over quality. I usually try to give as much attention to each CD with extensive commentary however this month’s reviews (perhaps unfortunately) will be short and sweet and much more in the style of traditional magazine reviews where space restrictions are an important factor. (ie. Less detail) I apologize in advance to readers who expect much more detailed reviews. Please check the reviews archives as many of my colleagues have written excellent detailed commentary of many of these CD’s. I hope the large number of quick comments will help guide you making some of those important year-end CD purchase decisions. Happy Holidays and see you in January. JP

This band is a new band of the vocalist of the long-forgotten French power-metal band Dream Child. Well, the factors that made Dream Child a third string entry in the power metal sweepstakes are still unfortunately still here with Eternal Flight. This is competent, paint by the numbers power metal. Don’t get me wrong, I love this style to death but the songs are a bit weak. It’s fast, good solos, decent vocals but it lacks spark and dynamics. It didn’t grab me but then again neither did Dream Child as I rarely listen to them anymore. Good logo, good cover, good lyrics, nice delivery and in all honesty on any given day this could be someone else favorite newcomer. It’s good but not great.
Track Listing

1. The Masks Will Fall
2. Guardians
3. All We Are
4. New World
5. Real
6. Secret Place
7. Beyond The Golden Gates
8. Prelude
9. Back Into The Light
10. Morphoenix
The Moon King


Gerard Fois-Vocals
Christophe Offredi-guitar
Nicolas Jeanpierre-Bass
Sebastian Viebert-Keys
Alexandre Stellini-Drums



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