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January 2002
Released: n/a, Encore Records
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviewer: Thiago Martins

Eterna is a Brazilian white metal band. They sound like an epic Symphony X, but yes, they are a white metal band. At least their lyrics aren’t prayers, they don’t seem like preaching, they just tell some reflections of their drummer, never preaching, just talking about his creed. The Gate is their third album and the fact that they had two great singers with different styles was their highlight.

For this new album, one of their previous singers – who also played bass – has left the band. The new one, called Leandro Caçoilo, is awesome, but the tiny problem is that he sounds a lot like Danilo Lopes, drummer and also singer. But so what? Both of them are singing perfectly on this album. And that is truly the highlight of this band again.

But what use has the fact of having two awesome lead singers if the rest of the band is not good? Aware of this, Eterna has great players – Paulo Frade on guitars, Jason Freitas on bass and Doulgas Codonho on keys – and they are able to play, as the style of the band –epic prog metal – requires. All the songs have heavy riffs, solid rhythm sections and perfect keyboard harmonies.

The next thing that makes this album so great is the songs. They are great. The first one, “Entrance”, sung by Caçoilo, comes after a short intro – “Open the Gate” -- and it’s powerful, with an amazing fast rhythm and a strong melody line. “Fly Away”, sung by Lopes, comes in the sequence with a mid-tempo pace. Lopes really nails it. The best song is called “Fight”, where Lopes and Caçoilo divides the vocals. It’s powerful; it has some great melodies, lots of tempo changes, prog-metal at its best. “The Gate” and “A Matter of Time” are also highlights, once again when Caçoilo and Lopes sing together. The first one has an epic approach, the second one more like a power metal. All the other songs are good too, “The Winter” and “Shine” with heavy riffs, the ballad “Living Word”. The album finishes with the uptempo “Sea of Lights”, that seems to be a mix of Symphony X and power metal. The only thing that makes this album don’t get the highest note is the ballad “Amazing Shepherd”. It’s beautiful, just keys and vocals, but it’s not as good as the other songs.

This album puts Eterna in the post of best Brazilian band today. If you really have a chance to listen to this album, do it. This band needs immediately to be recognized.

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