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Terra Nova
May 2003
Released: 2002, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Rick

In the never ending quest for new metal and the seemingly never ending job of CD reviewing I have here before me the latest CD from Brazilian band Eterna. The only thing I knew about this band before I picked up the CD to review was that their last release, THE GATE, had received a couple of reviews by other writers. Each review came to a different conclusion so I figured it was best to hear for myself. TERRA NOVA is the bands latest release and it is a fairly solid disc full of melodic power/traditional metal.

TERRA NOVA is opened with the standard boring intro called “Vera Cruz”. At one time intros were interesting but now I find that every band and their dog puts an intro on their CD. If it is not as good as “The Hellion” then it should be left off the disc. They redeem themselves with the next track “Mother Land”. This is a great mid tempo traditional metal track that showcases the vocals of Leando Cacoilo. Cacoilo bears a pretty decent likeness to Ronnie James Dio. Funny thing is both he and drummer Danilo Lopes provide vocals and they sound so much alike that it is hard to tell them apart. “Desert Moon” is a good example of the vocal dueling of the two. They each reach for the stratosphere while trading off each other’s energy like tomorrow will never come. The tempo is kicked up for the blazing “Working Man”. Lopes gives his double bass drums a workout on this pounding track that has a slight progressive feel in some parts.

After giving TERRA NOVA some pretty good spins I think they are on the path to something pretty good here. My one concern is that they really don’t have their own identifiable sound. They are excellent musicians and have all the right ingredients talent wise but they really don’t have any attributes that would make them stand out in a crowd. TERRA NOVA is a great disc and I would encourage anyone into melodic metal to check out the band.
Track Listing

1. Vera Cruz
2. Mother Land
3. Desert Moon
4. Levitas
5. Terra Nova
6. Working Man
7. Da Pacem Domine
8. Social Sacrifice
9. Flight Recorder
10. Good Bye My Dear Ophelia
11. Terra Nova (radio version)


Leandro Cacoilo (vocals)
Paulo Frade (guitar)
Jason Freitas (bass)
Rafael Agostino (keyboards)
Danilo Lopes (drums)



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