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Cloaks Of Oblivion
August 2017
Released: 2017, Xtreem
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Some older Metal fans may recall a band from the mid to late 80’s called Sanctuary. They did two albums and broke up and sort of morphed into Nevermore. The band reformed and released a mediocre album in 2014. I think many people, myself included who remember Sanctuary fondly from the first era, were disappointed at the lackluster effort. I, and many other, wanted the new come-back album to sound like old Sanctuary, but of course almost 30 years later any level headed Metallion knows this is a pretty unrealistic expectation. Still, it was a bit underwhelming. This brings me to my next point. I believe that Sanctuary still has some very strong credibility. They are building on that with the recent release of INCEPTION and re-mix, re-mastering of some older tunes in a gorgeous new package that came out in the spring of 2017. So Sanctuary still rules in the minds of some and that long-winded introduction brings me to my main point. The band Eruption thinks Sanctuary rules. I think Eruption totally rules and their new album CLOAKS OF OBLIVION is far superior than the Sanctuary comeback album and as good as the first two Sanctuary albums.

I don’t like to make straight band-to band comparisons and talk lots about Band ‘A’ in band ‘B’s album review but in this case, it is inescapable. CLOAK OF OBLIVION is the lost Sanctuary album. It is the album Sanctuary should have made in 2014. Eruption is Slovenian thrash band formed several years back and CLOAKS OF OBLIVION is their third full-length studio album. There is no denying it, Eruption worship at the throne of well…you know who. I’m not the only one who is saying it, I have read a number of comments that are making the same connection. The five piece are absolutely killer. So few bands do this type of technical speedy thrash/Power combination anymore and it is shame. You used have quite a few bands like this, especially in the early-to mid-90’s; Rage, Toxic, Forte, Delirious, Meliah Rage, Secrecy and so on but it is less common these days. That is what makes an album like CLOAKS OF OBLIVION feels to refreshing and yet nostalgic at the same time. There are very few bands that even try this anymore.

I like everything about this band. They have a great name, cool logo, some awesome cover art with some evil alien overlord tentacles dudes, stellar production and lyrics that go beyond your standard ‘drink and mosh until deth’ fare. Musically the quintet are fast and powerful, the whole album has a very quick to fast pace not only in terms of drumming but in the riffs as well. There is a tiny bit of acoustic guitar but it is minimal. The band does slow down a touch on the cut ‘ This Barren Existence’ but it is certainly not a ballad, it is still a powerful cut. The primary feature that makes me drawn the Sanctuary comparison is the voice and delivery of singer, Klemen Kalin. Check out the scream at the 2:00 minute mark of ‘The Yearning’ or the two or three opening screams at the beginning of ‘Drones’. Warrell Dane only wishes he could still hit those notes! Kalin, to my ears has an uncanny similarity to Dane and that is a complete and total compliment. Even if the similarities are intended or not, Kalin is an amazing singer.

CLOAKS OF OBLIVION is quite magnificent on all levels. It is well performed, exciting and dynamic. I am extremely impressed and wish I had heard these guys years ago, I could have been singing their praises for ages. Highly recommended if you like to hear the blend of the finest aspects of Power Metal and Thrash merged seamlessly into great songs.
Track Listing

1. Pharos
2. Sanity Ascend
3. Cloaks of Oblivion
4. Drones
5. Reborn into Demise
6. The Yearning
7. This Barren Existence
8. Seven Archons
9. The Prophet


Klemen Kalin Vocals
Andrej Čuk Guitar
Grega Kamenšek Guitar
Nika Krmelj Bass
Ivan Cepanec Drums



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