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Eric Martin
Destroy All Monsters
June 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 3.8/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The former singer in 415 and the melodic hardrock band Mr. Big, Eric Martin, is back with a new solo album. Before this album he has released one record called ”I’M GOIN’ SANE” and one MCD called ”PURE”. Eric wrote the music/lyrics to this album 5 months before the recording with help of some other pepole in his own Pepperland Studio during the summer of 2003. This album was produced and recorded by David Simon-Baker and John Wuopio (they also help out with guitar and bass on the album) who have done a great job.

According to the info note this should be hardrock and as usual I don’t agree at all. I think it sounds more like harder melodic hardrock with influences by blues sometimes.

”DESTROY ALL MONSTERS” contains 12 tracks and along with him Eric has brought a lot of different musicians, just look at the list of the members below the page.

”WHAT’S THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN”, ”SOMETHING THERE” and ” I WOKE UP 2 LATE” a bit faster melodic hardrock tracks with a lot of guitar and lead vocals at the top. Also there are a lot of tempo changes through the songs. ”KANSAS”, ”BURNIN’ MY MIND” and ”JANIE WONT OPEN” sound like three songs by Mr. Big. Very radio friendly melodic hardrock tracks. ”WHERE ARE YOU” is more bluesy melodic hardrock. ”YOU’RE TO GOOD FOR HIM” as usual it has to be some ballads when is comes to this kind of music and so also here. Eric shows that he still has an amazing voice. This ballad has the potential to become a real radio hit. ”LIVING IN BLACK AND WHITE” has a bluesy intro before the song starts off and after that the song turns into an up-tempo ballad. ”WHAT IF” this song shifts between fast and slower melodic hardrock and there’s a lot of tempo in this track. ”I CAN DIE NOW” is another bluesy, melodic hardrock ballad which is a pretty slow and boring track with the only positive being Eric’s voice. ”IF” closes and sounds pretty much like the first song on the album, somewhat faster melodic hardrock.

Eric continues on where Mr.Big left off, but sometimes the songs on this album goes a bit faster than it did on Mr.Big’s records. Eric has an amazing voice and he has gathered some very competent musicians to work with him. I think that some of the material is too weak though and some songs are not of the same standard as the others. The cover is not one of the greater ones I’ve seen either.

I wasnt such a big fan of Mr. Big but I have to say that this is not bad at all. Eric do impress me. If you liked Mr. Big you should check out what Eric does on his own.
Track Listing

What’s the worst that could happen
I woke up 2 late
Janie wont open
Where are you
You’re to good for him
Living in black and white
Something there
What if
I can die now
Burnin’ my mind


Eric Martin – lead vocals, guitar
David Simon-Baker – guitar
Jeff Watson – guitar
Chris Wilson – guitar
Pat Gilles – guitar
André Pessis – guitar, strings
Mark Chole – bass
John Wuopio – bass
John McDill – bass
Kenny Gradney – bass
Dennis Martin – drums
Tommy Richard – drums
Richie Hayward – drums
Billy Payne – keyboard
Don Soledad – flamencco guitar

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by Anders Sandvall

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