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February 2006
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Rising from the ashes of Metempsicosis, comes this hellish sounding Spanish Black Death Metal symbiosis named Ered. The band started almost 10 years ago as a trio, but after many line-up changes they managed to establish their line-up to a 5-piece band. Ered had released 4 demos and one full-length album (REALMS OF THE SCORN by Orinic Records in 2003; limited to 300 copies only) prior to the band´s latest manifestation of blasphemy and torment, somewhat aptly titled BORN IN A FROZEN HELL.

Having listened to this 8-track offering - basically when the moon is at its fullest and the stars are at their brightest, it becomes evident that these fellows have done their home lessons well as far as such Swedish purveyors of blackish Death Metal as Dark Funeral, Unanimated and Necrophobic are concerned. Their songs reek of the same dark and evil atmospheres like their satanic Swedish brothers have managed to capture for the murky sounds of theirs. The riffs, rhythm chances, etc. have the same catchy and killer potential, unmatched aggression and tension compared to f.ex. the Swedish Necrophobics. In all honesty Ered doesn’t quite reach the same levels of conviction as their masters have been capable of churning out through their own releases. However, BORN IN FROZEN HELL doesn’t completely pale in comparison to such classic blackish Death Metal albums like IN THE FOREST OF THE DREAMING DEAD(´93), THE NOCTURNAL SILENCE(´93) and THE SECRECTS OF THE BLACK ARTS(´96), so if you are a fan of any of these albums, I believe you should also find quite a lot of satisfaction from Ered´s first REAL album as this album is actually the band’s first professionally factory-pressed CD, too (the REALMS OF... album was pressed on a CD-R only, with pro-made covers tho).

Such songs as the title track "Born in a Frozen Hell", "Under the Influence of the Mountain" and "Black Leather and Blood" all have a necessary amount of evilness, blood-stopping darkness and twisted melodies in them that many fans of this type of stuff surely adore and obviously find entertaining enough in order to grab a copy of this for themselves. But hurry up because as far as I know at least the first edition has been limited to 500 copies only and there’s no guarantees whether there’s ever gonna be a second edition available. First come - first serve... ;=)
Track Listing

01. Fissure
02. Born in a Frozen Hell
03. Chapter Zero
04. Black Hole Emotions
05. Under the Influence of the Mountain
06. Black Leather and Blood
07. Storm of Revenge
08. Of Blasphemy and Torment


Varnaeh - Guitar
Shogoth - Guitar
Lancestor - Bass
Etreum - Vocals
Arkor - Drums

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