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The Immortal Kind
December 2006
Released: 2006, Metalbolic Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

It´s been a while since these Floridian old school Death Metal squad got their 2nd album, JOURNEY INTO OBLIVION, released on now defunct Polish label Still Dead Productions. The label went bankrupt and the owner of that label was swallowed by the earth. Or so it appears to be. The band had high hopes for the label – signing to them in a good faith, but unfortunately luck didn´t seem to be on their side this time.

During this sort a downtime of Equinox, the band also underwent through some line-up changes, loosing one of their guitarists Tony Blakk (ex-Acheron, ex-Apostasy) and drummer Stephen Spillers. Searching for the right guys to replace their previous members, luck finally found its way into the Equinox -camp again as two, experienced yet talented guys were recruited to the line-up: Nate Lawres (Aruspex, Warbutcher) for the 2nd guitar (& keyboards) and Gabriel Lewandowski (ex-Naphobia, ex-Hellwitch, ex-Acheron, Unholy Ghost) for drums. With this line-up the band headed their way to Diet of Worms Studio in Tampa, FL in October 2005, and the result was a 6-song mini-CD that is – to put it simply, pretty damn amazing! The first song, “Wretched and Nameless”, catching elements both from Black - and Death Metal, has a strong Dimmu Borg´ish -flavor to it due to Matt´s way to spit his vocals through the same kind of way Shagrath does them in Dimmus that are greatly supported by eerie keyboard – and beautifully flowing guitar parts. A very cool opener all in all. As for the next song which is also the title track of this mini-CD called “The Immortal Kind”, it´s a mid-paced, more doom´ish song halfway through the song ´til some hell gets seriously unleashed again - and then we are introduced to a familiar riff section which is a shameless rip-off from a Death -song called “Open Casket (admit it guys, heh!)” off LEPROSY. “Cloaked in Shadow” pierces through the air up next, blending elements from Thrash, - Black - and Death Metal together, having small slices both from Dimmu´s and Death´s world of heavy sounds here and there yet including lots of variety that keep things on a bit more interesting (dark-)side. “Night of the Churchyard Watcher” is another somewhat Death (or early Morgoth, or even Massacre) -inspired song; heavy as hell - and definitely old school! In “Until the Dawn´s Mist” we get punished pleasantly again by a load of light-fast and sharp riffs that hit you like a thunderstorm of nails into your ass. Aggressiveness and heaviness know no boundaries in the hands of these masters of blackened Death Metal Equinox – and we are all greatful for that, aren´t we? “The 6th Day” actually isn´t a song at all, but sort of a drum solo of Gabriel. It could have been left out from this mini-CD as well because hey – it´s just a drum solo and that´s all (even if Gabriel is the man behind his drum kit, just not a slightest doubt). Drum - and guitar solos are meant for live albums, right dear folks?

Despite of the last (filler) ´song´, it could be stated that Equinox have recorded the best material of their whole career. It´s also great to notice a little indie label from the States, Metalbolic Records, has seen the true potentiality of Equinox´s new material, so hopefully this 6-song mini-CD will bring them a lot of more attention than they have gained for themselves thus far. Namely they do deserve to get recognized much more - and they need YOUR support and attention as well.
Track Listing

01. Wretched and Nameless
02. The Immortal Kind
03. Cloaked in Shadow
04. Night of the Churchyard Watcher
05. Until the Dawn's Mist
06. The 6th Day


Matt "Darkness" Wagner - Bass & vocals
Pete Slate - Lead guitars
Nate Lawres - Guitars & keyboards
Gabriel Lewandowski - Drums

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The Immortal Kind
July 2007
Released: 2007, Metalbolic Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Featuring ex-members of Acheron, Diabolic, Incubus, and Hellwitch, Equinox was spewed forth from the mire way back in 1992. They’ve been a relatively quiet band though, as they’ve only put out an E.P. and two other albums (besides an assortment of demos) up until 2003. The band was seemingly quiet from then until now.

Now that they’re back, what does Equinox have in store for metaldom? Unfortunately, nothing much. Given the band’s pedigree, you would expect them to be a brutal death metal machine, but they are more of a blackened death beast, heavily influenced by Dimmu Borgir song structures. They’re definitely not symphonic mind you, but keyboards do pop up here and there. There’s also a pronounced Slayer influence in the soloing and even some of the riffs (“Cloaked in Shadow” evokes memories of the more atonal bits of SOUTH OF HEAVEN). Granted, it all sounds like it has the potential to be devastating, but sadly it boils down to a derivative and generic listen, without a soul of its own.

Best song would be speedy “Night of the Churchyard Watcher” as it’s about the only time the band really works up a froth. The other four songs just kind of churn along, finish, and launch into the next one, until the pointless drum solo called “The 6th Day” wraps things up.

I guess there are some that would go crazy for THE IMMORTAL KIND, but to me it sounds like strictly entry-level stuff. Moving right along…
Track Listing

1) Wretched and Nameless
2) The Immortal Kind
3) Cloaked in Shadow
4) Night of the Churchyard Watcher
5) Until the Dawn’s Mist
6) The 6th Day


Matt Wagner: Bass, Vocals
Pete Slate: Guitar
Gabriel Lewandowski: Drums
Kelly McLauchlin: Guitar

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