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Ephel Duath
Pain Necessary to Know
July 2006
Released: 2005, Elitist/Earache
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Madman

I’ve come across the name, Ephel Duath multiple times in my quest for new music. I always got a bad feeling anytime someone tried to explain their music, it was usually one of two things that threw me off, usually it was when someone said that Ephel Duath were, “post-black metal” that I basically crossed the name off my list and decided I’d be better off not hearing them. 2005 brought Ephel Duath’s third album, PAIN NECESSARY TO KNOW, into existence and into my life… well, I can thank EvilG for bringing the album into my life and I’ll be sure to let him know how much I appreciate it.

One look at the Metal Archives and I found that Ephel Duath have changed styles with this new album. The prior albums being some sort of post-black metal reminiscent of Emperor in some way (I honestly don’t know and in some ways I don’t want to know) while this new album being, as their label Earache proclaims, jazz metal. Which I guess is an apt title, but I’d prefer to just call it spaz music. This is stuff that would make Mike Patton, or more appropriately, The Dillinger Escape Plan proud. Ephel Duath is two parts dissonant riffing, three parts abrupt musical changes, and 1 part random shouting.

Ephel Duath are one of those bands that pride themselves on being “different” so much so that they forgot to craft music to go along with it. As much as the band attempts to be creative and artistic, they tend to cross the line into absolute annoyance. This is not good music and this is not something I’d urge anyone to listen to. Unless you’re part of the black rimmed glasses and tight shirt crowd you’re better off checking out something else. Oh, did I forget to mention the band’s music is “non-conformist”?

I apologize for this review being so short but there’s really nothing to say, why put more effort into writing about this album than the band did in creating it?
Track Listing

1. New Disorder
2. Vector, Third Movement
3. Pleonasm
4. Few Stars, No Refrain and a Cigarette
5. Crystalline Whirl
6. I Killed Rebecca
7. Vector
8. Vector, Second Movement
9. Imploding


Luciano Lorusso George - Vocals
Davide Tiso - Guitars
Riccardo Pasini - Synths
Fabio Fecchio - Bass
Davide Piovesan - Drums

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