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Enuff Z' Nuff
May 2005
Released: 2005, Frontiers Records/Atenzia
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is a band that I’ve known of but haven’t followed. In fact I can’t recall hearing anything by them at all, but now it’s time to sit down and hear what these guys have achieved on their strange-titled album.

Apparently it’s been 16 years since they released their first album and they have also survived all the music trends that have come and gone. Enuff Z’nuff delivers melodic rock that has become the band’s trademark through all these years. As I can read in the info note, they have had member changes and this is the band’s 13th album and its thanks (?) to Donnie and Chip that the band is still alive.

This is what’s been said about the album in the bio, “This is a special selection of songs for Chip and Donnie. This release follows the unfortunate death of guitarist and longtime friend Derek Frigo who passed away in ‘04, after rejoining Enuff Z’nuff for this recording session.” It also features original drummer Vikki Foxx.

The album is listed as melodic rock and contains everything from ballads to rockier tunes but to that I would like to add influences of 70’s retro rock and some very melodic hardrock too.

The production sounds OK, nothing more, nothing less. If I got it right it’s Donnie and Chip that’s written both the music and lyrics on all 11 tracks except for the (pretty lame) cover of Queens classic “Stone Cold Crazy”. On my promo copy I have an extra bonus track for the European market called “Fly High Michelle” which is an acoustic track and seems to be an older song that’s been re-recorded.

Otherwise feels the material extremely week and anonymous and as I said before we have everything from ballads and uptempo ballads like “Help”, “How Are You”, “Fly High Michelle”, “Gorgeous”, “Home Tonight” and “Harleya” to more faster and rockier tracks “No Place Like Home”, “Joni Woni (Like to Ride the Pony)”, and “This guy” where we also can find some hints of 60/70’s rock’n’roll.

Somewhat melodic rock tracks with influences by very melodic hardrock are “Hang for life”, “Man With a Woman” and, of course, “Stone Cold Crazy”.

If the quality of the material is weak it’s nothing like the vocals. It looks like Chip and Donnie share the vocals but why I don’t know ‘cause both of them have weak women voices that sounds extremely annoying and irritating.

This album does absolutely nothing for me and I can’t imagine that anyone but already hardcore fans are going to buy it. Enuff Z’nuff has to be one of the most boring bands/artists that Frontiers have signed so far in my opinion. I have given the album plenty of play time but still I have no favorite tracks at all and fortunately I can tuck it away right now. The only thing this album is good for is to sleep.
Track Listing

Home tonight
No place like home
Hang on for life
Man with a woman
How are you
Joni Woni (like to ride the pony)
This guy
Stone cold crazy (cover)
Fly high Michelle (acoustic bonus track)


Donnie Vie – vocals, guitar
Chip Znuff – bass, guitar, vocals
Vikki Foxx – drums
Derek Frigo – guitar



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