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August 2002
Released: 2000, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

In 2000 Entwine had released their second CD. GONE” is the name of the new one. The band known as Entwine has changed most of their line-up.

Ritta Heikkonen-keybord

Tom Mikkola-guitar

Jani Miettinen-bass

Aki Hanttu-drums

Mika Tauriainen-lead vocals

Mika on lead vocals has a stronger voice than P.Willman on the debut-album and a bigger vocalrange.The music is made by Mikkola and Entwine.The lyrics is Mikkola’s work but he has had help from Kippo on ”LOSING GROUND” and the old singer P.Willman has written the lyric to the song ”GRACE”.

Ritta is more in the background in the soundpicture on this one.It is more Mika and guitars on top in the soundpicture.Mika sings like a god.

It is gothic metal and eight tracks on this cd as on the first one.The style on this production is faster,more heavy guitars.They have taken influences from Paradise Lost but made as well their own mixture.The lyrics are still very sad, gloomy,depressed and melancolic as before.The collaboration with the producer Anssi Kippo goes on. Recorded and mixed in Astia-studio A.Kippo shows his greatness even more in this production.

The violinist Pia Pulkkinen takes part again. Cello is also present and the cellist is Jussi Vähälä. These two instrument in the soundpicture make the music more sad and beautiful. Sara Hellström provides backing-vox.

Favorites:”SNOW WHIT SUICIDE”, faster intro and even the rest,Mika impresses a lot.”CLOSER(MY LOVE)” Beautiful ballad and is very slow, Hanttu the drummer keeps the bar and only Mika on vocals and in the chorus the rest of the band comes in.”NEW DAWN” faster again gothic-metal; very close to Paradise Lost. ”GRACE” Beautiful ballad again and it is very slow with beautiful violin/cello in the song. In the middle of the song Pia is doing a solo on violin. Saara is singing b-vox on this one. ”SILENCE IS KILLING ME” gothic-metal,a little bit faster.Ritta has more space here in the soundpicture. Hanttu/Mika are very good. ”THRU THE DARKNESS” has a slow intro with guitar/keyboard before the rest of the band joins in. Violin/cello are used here as well which gives more of a sad soundpicture to the song. Ritta has a keybord-solo in the middle. ”BLOOD OF SOUL” has Saara on b-vox. Cello is used as well and gives a melancholy sound.

Entwine is a really good gothic-metal band. The band has big possibilty to go very far. They are technical, a lot of rhythme-changes, the ability to write really good songs, a brilliant lead singer and really good musicians. ”GONE” is good but their latest effort ”TIME OF DISPAIR” that came this year is the best CD that Entwine has made so far.If you like Paradise Lost you will like this…

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