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January 2001
Released: 2000, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Just in... Entwine´s new album on a rising Finnish label Spikefarm Records (a sub-label of Spinefarm Recs if someone needs to know). GONE is actually the band´s 2nd for their current label and it´s rather easy to hear this ain´t any puberty-aged wanna-sound Gothic shit that insists to be heard because Gothic´s getting popular? Wrong! No-no... The band sound like they have done this for their entire life, although I would say it´s funny enough to let you all people know that Entwine actually started out as an American(!) sounding Death Metal band in 1995, under a different moniker, though. Since then they have gone towards more melodic yet lighter sound, refining themselves into a very matured sounding band with twists from both Gothic Rock and Metal.

In all honesty, I have to say I´m pretty lost for words while I was listening to GONE. This whole "Gothic this - Gothic that" thing has become so trendy and fashionable at least here in Europe (like Power Metal has!) that sometimes you start feeling an urgent need to look around somewhere else for some while. I´m not sayin´ I hate to listen to bands like Entwine who obviously could succeed with their chosen Gothic path by giving their very best shot for the very genre - becoming "stars(!)" there and even earn some (quick?) bucks for letting their passion and love flow endlessly the way they have managed to do on GONE. I am impressed with how they have managed to sound ´this big´ yet so powerful and peaceful on the album. A perfect Gothic album here? Most probably so...

This is the kind of music I´d pick up for clearing my mind from all the thoughts after a hard day at work; better than Finland´s own ´love metallists(!)´ HIM (check out track no.5 called "Grace" in order to find out some similarities!) and having their obligatory ´MyDyingPridish´ influences implicated in as well ("Thru the Darkness" is a great example of that) if you need any comparisons.

Into well-thought out Gothic Metal? In that case don´t miss this release out...
Track Listing

01. Losing the Ground
02. Snow White Suicide
03. Closer (My Love)
04. New Dawn
05. Grace
06. Silence Is Killing Me
07. Thru the Darkness
08. Blood of Your Soul


Riitta Heikkonen - Keyboards
Tom Mikkola - Guitars
Joni Miettinen - Bass
Aki Hanttu - Drums
Mika Tauriainen - Vocals

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