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March 2004
Released: 2004, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.1/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Finnish Goth-rockers Entwine have reached their 4rd full-length album during their relatively successful history, kind of artistically and unique way titled “DiEversity”. Well, keeping in our short minds a tiny fact that since is – or at least should be an ´ONLY´-Metal orientated webmagazine, I guess it´s a bit dubious to review their new album here as it´s being stated in´s front page very loud and clear: “Promoting REAL metal online since 1995...”. I know I have earlier reviewed Entwine´s 2nd album here in 2001, claiming them to do some of the best Gothic stuff that is to be found from this world nowadays. And now when I have been listening to “DiEversity”, I can stand behind my words 100% and say their groovy and amazingly heavy Gothic Rock/(Metal) still sounds very appealing and worth listening to. I cannot avoid it, but such Finnish bands as Charon (Mika´s vocals have the very same charisma as Charon´s front man J-P Leppäluoto has got in his voice) and H.I.M. come to my mind right away, especially the first mentioned act. But I guess I´d better leave talking about the album to this and respect all that what is supposed to be all about: Metal!!

But if you are into a highly melancholic, melodic, groovy and heavy Gothic Rock/(Metal), then there can be no chance that you would miss Entwine´s latest album as it´s their most mature and their best album to date in my opinion. F.ex. such songs as “Someone to Blame”, “Everything for You” and “Nothing´s Forever” are fuckin´ sexellent songs and there´s no need to go on any further babbling about the album a more detailed way. I suppose I have done enough of my share for it already...
Track Listing

01. 2/4/943
02. Bitter Sweet
03. Someone to Blame
04. Bleeding for the Cure
05. Still Remains
06. Frozen by the Sun
07. Six Feet Down Below
08. Refill My Soul
09. Everything for You
10. Nothing Forever
11. Lost Within


Mika Tauriainen – Vocals
Tom Mikkola – Guitar
Jaani Kähkönen – Guitar
Joni Miettinen – Bass
Aksu Hanttu – Rummut
Riitta Heikkonen – Keyboards

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