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Inevitable Decay
November 2011
Released: Sept, Abyss Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Carlos Llanas

Thrash metal is considered to be some of the fastest, meanest, and aggressive styles of metal out there. Its sole purpose is to wreck your fucking neck. That is exactly what Entrench managed to do with the release of their debut album "Inevitable Decay". Coming out of Västerås, Sweden, Entrench is as aggressive and relentless as the thrash gods of old. Many of the newer thrash bands sound too generic and weak, yet Entrench manages to keep the same level of ferocity the likes of Kreator circa "Pleasure to Kill" and Slayer's "Show no Mercy".

The album is an eight track thrashfest from start to finish. Songs like "As Dawn Breaks" and "Doubt What's Left" are chaotic tracks that have reverb filled aggressive vocals and speedy riffs with lots of fast picking. I even heard some Sodom and Possessed influences in these songs. Another cool thing about this album is that the songs are lengthy and very rarely does it sound repetitive. The creepiness of some of the riffs really set the mood right before it kicks you in the face with speed; it's a great mixture.

The album cover isn't an intricate piece of art or anything, but it flows and it looks like it belongs with the record. It gives off a very "old school" feeling; Back to the day when many bands just didn't have the money or means to have a masterpiece for an album cover. Entrench kept it true with this one. It's a town in ruins with a fire in the middle of it and no trace of life anywhere; "Inevitable Decay" indeed.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to this album. It took me back to a time when thrash was real. It's fast, it's loud, it's mean, and it fucking rules. It isn't anything new or anything that hasn't been done before, but Entrench does it very well. It is a very good buy for fans of Kreator/Sodom/Possessed style of thrash. I hope these guys stick around for a long time.
Track Listing

1. As Dawn Breaks
2. Debt Of Sorrow
3. Portrait Of A Phobia
4. Into Oblivion
5. Doubt What's Left
6. Blind Illusion
7. Crossing The River
8. Where Only Ruins Remain


Fredrik Pellbrink-Vocals/Guitar
Joel E. Sundin-Bass
Joel Gustafsson-Drums
Hannes Lindkvist-Guitar




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