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When In Sodom – EP
February 2007
Released: 2006, Threeman
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

It’s been a long time since the world has heard from the Swedish death metal icons Entombed. Their last studio album INFERNO was released in 2003 and quite a lot has happened since then: bass player Jörgen Sandström, guitarist and founder Uffe Cederlund, and drummer Peter Stjärnvind have all left the band. This EP is the last thing Stjärnvind did before his departure. Instead of replacing Cederlund, the band decided to continue with only one guitarist, Alex Hellid, which was an unfortunate decision. Entombed’s music demands two guitars because it’s so powerful, and now the music sounds a bit drained because of the single guitar.

WHEN IN SODOM was released on 6/6/2006 but it’s still not avaliable in stores because of the label’s poor distribution. It took forever for the EP to arrive in the mail. There are 5 new songs on the EP. “When In Sodom” is going to be featured on the new Entombed album that goes by the name SERPENT SAINTS. The remaining four songs are exclusive to this EP. In their later years, Entombed has almost invented a new musical genre – death ‘n roll - and this EP sticks to that musical style. “When in Sodom” sounds just like what we would expect from Entombed: death ‘n roll with tempo changes and Slayer riffs delivered by Hellid. The tempo increases in “Carnage” which incorporates the patented Entombed sound. Singer L-G Petrov sounds just like he did back in the good old days, and the music is razor-sharp and heavy as led. “Thou Shalt Kill” and “Heresy” are songs which sound like they could have been taken from the last album. In the second song they have done something I hate: added something that sounds just like a children’s choir and used a drum machine. It’s sad to hear these things on an EP with Entombed. Luckily, it’s not a children’s choir - it’s someone named Julia Gehlin who sounds just like a kid! They have sampled her voice so that it sounds like a choir. The last song on the EP is “Amen”, and believe it or not it’s a ballad-like thing where Petrov whispers the lyrics. I never in my life thought that Entombed should do a ballad, and this song is no exception.

This EP gives you a really shattered impression, and I don’t really know what we can expect from the upcoming album. They have managed to put together good songs, but not as great as they usually do. Unfortunately, this EP doesn’t reach the high standards of Entombed’s earlier albums and therefore the rating can only be somewhere in the middle. I have followed Entombed from the very beginning and they are one of my absolute favorite acts in this genre so I wish I could’ve given them a higher rating, but I can’t.

Killer tracks are “When in Sodom”, and “Carnage”.
Track Listing

When In Sodom
Thou Shall Kill


L-G Petrov – lead vocals
Alex Hellid – guitar
Nico Elgstrand – bass
Peter Stjärnvind – drums

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