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The Morning Star
January 2002
Released: 2001, Threeman Recording / Music For Nations
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Entombed are L.G Petrov (vox), Uffe Cederlund, Alex Hellid (guitars), Jörgen Sandström (bass) and Peter Stjärnvind (drums). I saw Entombed earlier this year on the upraising-tour at KB Malmö Sweden. After the concert I talked to Uffe about the new record. As far as he was concerned I wouldn't be disappointed as an Entombed fan during more than ten years. He was right! What a brilliant record this is. One of the best records this year if you ask me. It contains heavy/dark metal with a bit of influences from their early days. Entombed made it big playing death metal. There are traces left but the music is made up to date for the twenty-first century. This record feels like a continuum to the brilliant metal record TO RIDE SHOOT STRAIGHT AND SPEAK THE TRUTH, though darker heavy metal.

The record opens up with "Chief rebel angel" the title track. Already there you can feel that Entombed is back. "I for an eye"," Ensemble of the restless" and" Young Man Nihilist"…dark heavy metal almost the death metal that made them big. "Bringer of Light" has a really good acoustic solo in the middle. “Out of Heaven" and "Fractures" could have passed on the record TO RIDE… It is a little bit more heavy metal but not death-metal as on the previous records. It is difficult to explain but Entombed has a special sound which I think comes out in these songs. It sounds like Entombed. The old and the new sound make a perfect mixture when we enter the twenty-first century. Entombed is needed in the new century. I hope they go on like this. These 12 songs are magic, not a bad one on the record.

LG sounds like in good old days, brilliant and really angry. The whole band impresses. Alex/ Uffe are really clever on guitar. Their twin guitar play is splendid. Uffe Cederlund has made most of music and lyrics; Alex has made some and Jörgen has participated in some. Uffe seems to have got his inspiration back and the same goes for Alex. All music is arranged, produced by the band. The record is recorded in Polarstudio/Das Boot studio.

At last Entombed is back and the sound is like good old days but better now. Entombed is ready for the twenty-first century.

I say

Stand up!

In Praise Of The Morning Star

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