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The Art of Chaos
October 2015
Released: June, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Enthring are a Finnish band who are offering up this 3 song ep, "The Art of Chaos". The band's bio names some demo albums that they've done along with a debut album entitled "The Grim Tales of the Elder" from 2011. The real claim to fame, thus far, from the band is that they had the chance to tour Brazil with Korpiklaani sometime between 2011 and 2015. Be forwarned that this is not a Korpiklaani clone band, however.

The opening third of the EP is titled "We Thrive on Chaos". Granted, it does have some Korpiklaani elements but probably leans much closer to a Children of Bodom sound overall. I'm not sure this track captures the energy of either of its influences in the end but it's certainly listenable and close to the mark. The middle third from Enthring is "And We Dream of Our Demise". Opening with some melancholy string work, Enthring threaten a Dimmu Borgir style track but quickly back off from that promise and move more toward a Finnish-led Cradle of Filth type of song. Ending this brief entry is the track "The Second Vengeance Orchestra". This one is full-on thrash at the onset but there is a nice layer of melodic black keyboards at play underneath the whole thing. It's definitely a different sound than much of what's out there but it still somehow feels comfortably familiar.

This EP shows potential into a crowded melodic/symphonic death scene. We all know that there is something in the water of Finland these days so the "potential" should be of no surprise. The band bounce back and forth between melodic metal, symphonic death metal, and something akin to melodic black metal. The songs are solid but if I were releasing a 3 song ep, I'd have 3 tracks that I think are out of this world. These tracks are not out of this world by any measure. They're in need of something, maybe some variation in sound,that make them stick with you. I was tapping my toes on the first track but by track 3, I'd heard enough and was content that I didn't need to hear an additional 6 tracks on a full album. That being said, let's return to "potential". With some more work on the hooks of the tracks, this band could really make a name for itself in a crowded scene. They're not there yet though. I hope they can get that song craft ironed out to take them to another level.
Track Listing

1.We Thrive on Chaos
2. And We Dream of Our Demise
3. The Second Vengeance Orchestra


Guitars & Vocals: Tommi Kangaskortet
Guitars: Petri Salmela
Bass: Antti Horttana
Drums: Matti Auerkallio

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