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Enochian Theory
Evolution: Creation Ex Nihilio
February 2010
Released: 2009, Anomalousz Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

This album is my first exposure to the U.K.’s Enochian Theory. The band formed in 2004 and released their debut album, A MONUMENT TO THE DEATH OF AN IDEA in 2007. The band also formed their own record label – The Anomalousz Music Group. Not bad for a bunch of blokes from Portsmouth. Coming in I had no idea what to expect, however given the overly pretentious name of their previous album you could easily guess that they play progressive metal. Sure enough, one quick glance at their bio confirms this fact. Well, I’m always up for hearing some new prog-metal, so let’s see what Enochian Theory has to offer.

Skipping the obligatory opening fluff piece, the band kicks into...low gear with the haunting “Tedium”. I know there are a ton of easy jokes that could be made at the expense of a title like that, but the song is actually quite good, highlighting the band’s slow-burn approach to music, and Ben Harris-Hayes’ clear, soaring vocals. He’s no James LaBrie or Nils K. Rue, but he more than holds his own. As the song blends into the next, “The Dimensionless Monologue”, it quickly becomes clear that the band is, refreshingly, trying to do their own thing without openly aping any influences. As the album goes on you can pick out little pieces here and there that sound like others, but all in all, Enochian Theory are to be commended for going their own way.

As the album goes on, the band covers a lot of ground, and it mostly all works. A great song like “Movement” manages to reach the highs that only prog-metal can achieve, but at the same time the band sometimes reaches too far and falls flat – a perfect example are the terrible growled sections that totally ruin “Apathia” and drag down “The Fire Around The Lotus”. They either need to ditch the growls completely, or hire a guest vocalist. Overall though, the album is a very enjoyable listen. Enochian Theory have not reached the top of the heap yet, but EVOLUTION: CREATION EX NIHILIO is definitely a step in the right direction.
Track Listing

1) Every Ending Has A Beginning
2) Tedium
3) The Dimensionless Monologue
4) T.D.M.
5) A Great Odds With...
6) Apathia
7) Triumvirate
8) Movement
9) After The Movement
10) Waves Of Ascension
11) The Fire Around The Lotus
12) The Living Continuum
13) A Monument To The Death Of An Idea


Ben Harris-Hayes: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Shaun Rayment: Bass
Sam Street: Drums

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