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Invoking Deception
July 2004
Released: 2004, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Blazing forth from the state of Louisiana, Endominion are the latest entry onto the clogged and smoky battlefield that is death metal. Much like a low-budget version of last month’s newcomers Unholy Ghost (though Endominion does not have any scene vets in their ranks), Endominion ply a particularly old-school version of death metal, mixed up with some black metal influences, all of which rarely grinds above the mid-paced chug. Unfortunately, for all its piss and vinegar, INVOKING DECEPTION doesn’t leave much of a mark after its 40 minutes are over.

No doubt that the band is quite competent at their instruments, it’s just that the songwriting is not yet up to par. The album pounds along like its 1989, but we all know that only the best of the best from that era still sound fresh and convincing today. INVOKING DECEPTION is incurably plagued by a pervading sense of sameyness throughout, all of the songs running into each other in an indecipherable mess. Occasionally a catchy riff springs forth (see the mid-section of “Derelict”), but it’s quickly sucked back into the morass.

So, while there’s nothing actively bad about Endominion or INVOKING DECEPTION, there’s just not enough here yet to make the album stand out. I do hear enough potential on here to suggest that the band might be able to break out of the mold on their next release, but right now they are just average and not likely to gain much notice.
Track Listing

1) Necation
2) Die Wondering
3) Derelict
4) Ruinous Havoc
5) Enjoined by Desolation
6) Preceding Dawn
7) Born to Anguish
8) Noxious
9) Vile Creatures
10) Invoking Deception


Aaron Graves: Guitars/Vocals
Brian Johnston: Drums
Bruno Muenzler: Bass/Vocals

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