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Endless Recovery
Revel in Demise
April 2015
Released: 2015, Witches Brew
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Imagine for a moment if you can Rammstein met Flash Gordon had a love child that was such a horrific site they gave it to freak show horror movie set who locked it in a basement to spare the world of such a horror, that comes some where close to how I feel about this album.

In the interest of fairness and complete disclosure I am not a huge thrash metal fan so before I get into taking this album apart stitch by stitch, I want to make clear guitarist and drums are mind blowing and so impressive that I was able to listen to whole album without causing damage to my speakers despite not really 'getting' what the hell I was listening to. It is also the reason I gave it such a high rating of 1/5 if it had fallen to front man Michalis Skliros it would have fell straight into the minus box.

I always take notes of each track when I write a review so I shall take you through my journey track by track with the notes I took so you can gain a clear understanding just how much I suffered for this review.

01. Sinister Tales – Front man maybe possessed by a demonic cat with major fur ball issues, musically disjointed but OK.

02. Revel In Demise- Oh track missed of sent playlist..... This may be a blessing after last track one less to listen to!

03. Reaping Fire – Guitarist is pretty dam impressive, vocals..... so Lucifer jumped in on the possession to retrieve the cat! Cat don't wanna leave clawing at front mans soul making him scream randomly like five year old girl... ummmm....OK!

04. Storming Death – More five year old girl screaming from front man, lyrically not got a clue what is going on sounds like that Tasmanian Devil cartoon character and random shouts of incoherent words.... I don’t even know what language they speak! Bright side Guitarist and drums are mind blowing! The speed and skill is something to be noted!

05. Leather Militia – OK.... Animal from the Muppet's on drums now and Wayne's world guitar duo... why does this work so well when it really should be bad? Oh yeah everything sounds amazing next to front man's vocals... bless him still trying to pretend his possessed he must be tired because its weak and really not as convincing as first couple of songs!

06. Trapped In A Vicious Circle – More noise

07. Blood Countess- Morning rush hour on a Monday morning before coffee on London underground you know that feeling of wanting to kill but I love my stereo to much to actually take an iron bar to it to shut it up... Really want to though! So confusing!

08. Hypnos - More fast noise, front man now sounds like Tasmanian Devil with major man flu.... it just sounds unhygienic now!

09. Evoke Perdition – Is it over yet? No one more!!!! why do I do this???

10. Lurking Evil – Just end already! Someone send front man Michalis Skliros some cold and flu medication and holy water, maybe a priest, or a vet... defiantly some honey for that throat though!

I am aware this review is a little harsh and as I stated before, thrash metal over all really isn’t for me. So the fact I hated it probably means people who love thrash metal will love it! I also feel breaking it down track by track it describes a pretty awesome thrash metal album, it just is not something I can endorse due to personal taste.

Review by: Anita Lyons
Track Listing

01. Sinister Tales
02. Revel In Demise
03. Reaping Fire
04. Storming Death
05. Leather Militia
06. Trapped In A Vicious Circle
07. Blood Countess
08. Hypnos
09. Evoke Perdition
10. Lurking Evil


Michalis Skliros - Vocals
Apostolos Papadimitriou - Guitars
Tasos Papadopoulos - Guitars
Panagiotis Alikaniotis - Bass
Michalis Moatsos - Drums

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