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Endless Main
Sea Of Lies
August 2011
Released: 2011, Unsigned
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Further testament to the world dominion of Metal, enter Endless Main from the metal Mecca of Slovakia. Throwing their ticket into the sweepstakes of power metal, the band formed in 2007 and set to honing their craft for this debut release. Clocking in at around the 30 minute mark with seven tracks, it is not your typical epic indulgence that a good percentage of power metal bands prefer to engage in.

The good news is that the band employs plenty of familiar traits of the genre including generous portions of keyboard synths, lots of kick drum, and fast as lightning riffs. The real attention grabber though is singer Michal Sepetka, who has that kind of distinctive voice that makes him easy to identify. For those of you that are old enough, try and recall the alternately repulsive/compelling vocals of Tom Baker of the band Cirith Ungol, and you get a sense of Sepetka’s style. Granted, he actually sings where, Baker kind of muddled through, but his tone, range, and style are sure to influence your acceptance or rejection of Endless Main. When he screams, yeah he nails it but something is off otherwise.

The opening instrumental intro, appropriately enough is titled “Intro” and it is fairly forgettable. But when “Home” kicks in, you get a hell of an aggressive riff being followed by some dueling and speedy keyboards. Suffice it to say, everybody can play their instruments, and the solos are melodic and with an enjoyable old school vibe. “Once Upon A Time” is probably the most classic sounding power metal track, with a rewarding chorus and Sepetka’s best vocals. Comparatively, there are elements of Rhapsody of Fire, Labyrinth, Bloodbound, and probably another dozen power metal bands with only the mould-breaking vocals of Sepetka to separate them from the pack.

All told, SEA OF LIES is a technical and somewhat predictable power metal album that still manages to latch on and compel further listens. No new ground is broken, but neither is it rendered infertile, as Endless Main has faithfully upheld the power metal standards with excellent production and instrumental prowess, but man…that voice. Recommended for all power metal fans.
Track Listing

01. Intro

02. Home

03. Angels And Demons

04. Only Once

05. Revenge

06. Shared Hopes Of Romance

07. Once Upon A Time


Michal Sepetka - Vocals
Matus Sudila - guitar,
Marek Fencl - guitar,
Jakub Sepetka - bass guitar, Palo Labuda - drums,
Michal Prochazka - keys,

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