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The Truth, The Chaos, The Insanity
April 2016
Released: 2016, Power Prog Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Brazil has always been a stronghold for True Metal thankfully and will continue to be that way for the foreseeable future, especially if they keep churning out excellent bands like Endless. Endless, from Rio have just released their third album, THE TRUTH, THE CHAOS, THE INSANITY and it is my first time hearing them.

Sporting a very cool cover and a jump to a new label, Power Prog Records, in Germany has afforded the band some new exposure. The superbly produced album runs a little over an hour and is loaded with eleven songs and the pre-requisite introductory tune to help build dramatic flair. Not surprisingly a band signed to Power Prog records is a Progressive Power Metal band. If I had to say one phrase that would succinctly describes Endless I would say, ‘Brazil’s Kamelot’. That is a good thing! Vocalist Vitor Veiga sounds much like Roy Khan in his tone and delivery so that is another major bonus. His clear expressive tone is a highlight. The whole band are top-notch musicians, you have to be in this game, they write and play some nicely orchestrated Metal with some little symphonic flairs. There are lots of good keyboard tones and little extra bits, like the tolling bell at the beginning of the title track, that add dimension to the well-arranged and interesting songs. Most of the songs surge along in a slightly faster tempo. There are some good neo-classically inspired solos and the whole album falls very nicely in line with what could be called a Brazilian sound like Angra and Almah, Soulspell, Viper and so on. Every song is catchy, from simpler faster songs like ‘Puppets On A Stage’ to more elaborate progressive songs, there is no filler on this album.

I feel THE TRUTH, THE CHAOS, THE INSANITY will bring more global recognition to this band that really deserves it and this extremely enjoyable album show will Europe and North America what Brazil and Japan already have known for years!
Track Listing

1. A New Sunrise
2. The Code of Light
3. Will of Destiny
4. The Truth, the Chaos, the Insanity
5. Black Veil of Madness
6. Veins of Blood
7. Save Me from Myself
8. Lady of the Lake
9. Under the Sun
10. Puppets on a Stage
11. A World Without Fantasy
12. Celestial Dreams


Vitor Veiga Vocals
Luciano de Souza Guitar
Cristiano Moura Guitar
Marcio Brito Keyboards
Reinaldo Araújo Bass
Sérgio Sanchez Drums



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