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Echoes of Eternity
The Forgotten Goddess
July 2007
Released: 2007, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I can hear the cries hounding Echoes of Eternity now: “Nightwish clone!” “Lacuna Coil wanna-be!” That seems to be the fate of any new band that appears these days sporting heavy riffs and an attractive woman at the mic. However, truth be told, Echoes of Eternity, which formed in 2005, is Brandon Patton’s (guitar) baby. Further truth: Echoes of Eternity sounds nothing like the aforementioned bands.

As soon as the first riffs of first song (after obligatory intro) “Expressions of Flesh” hit, it’s clear that the band is not into the orchestral metal thing, nor are they overtly courting the depressive gothic metal crowd. Rather, it’s immediately obvious that THE FORGOTTEN GODDESS fails squarely into the progressive (power?) metal scene. It’s true Francine Boucher has a slightly goth image and a voice the heavily recalls Liv Kristine, but the music has more in common with bands like Communic or Pyramaze (while really recalling neither). Whatever the comparison, the songs are very fluid and guitar-heavy.

Unfortunately, the songs aren’t that catchy or memorable either. While the album has grown on me with repeated listens, it’s still not an album I see myself reaching for very often. It’s actually quite difficult to pin-point what it is about the disc that keeps me at arm’s length – it’s got good vocals, interesting lyrics, some excellent musicianship, and it’s damn heavy (for prog-metal), yet it just doesn’t connect with me. Fact is, I’m not the only one sayin’ it, as I’ve seen several mediocre reviews of this already. I’m not of the belief that it sucks, far from it, but something is definitely missing.

There’s certainly enough potential shown on THE FORGOTTEN GODDESS to make me interested to hear where Echoes of Eternity will go next. My suggestion: if you’re a fan of prog-metal check out “The Kingdom Within”, “Lost Beneath a Silent Sky”, and the title track. If they float your boat, Echoes of Eternity just might be for you.
Track Listing

1) Burning With Life
2) Expressions of Flesh
3) Voices in a Dream
4) Towers of Silence
5) The Forgotten Goddess
6) The Kingdom Within
7) Circles in Stone
8) Garden of the Gods
9) Lost Beneath a Silent Sky
10) Adrift


Francine Boucher: Vocals
Brandon Patton: Guitar
Duane Cowan: Bass
Kirk Carrison: Drums

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