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October 2010
Released: 2010, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It will take you a while to wrap your head around this project because there is a lot of things going on for you to hear. Enditol is the brain-child/solo project of Sascha Laskow of Divinity. This project is a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster with all sorts of components pulled together into one lumbering behemoth. In a metal review, that’s considered what we call a compliment.

This debut, independent 8 song release clocks in at 36 minutes and is a bit low-key. Laskow is pretty busy with his main act Divinity, but he is a busy and creative guy so this seems like an outlet. I say a low-key releases because it is a simple digi-pak, no photos, no lyrics, not a ton of info and a very simple piece of cover art. I suppose he wants the music to be foremost and save some of his other ideas for his other band. Although everything on the record is done by Laskow, including the immaculate modern-era production, he recruited Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster to write lyrics and sing.

ENDITOL (the album) is a progressive cross-fertilization of tech, death, prog, hints of thrash, keyboards, symphonic sounds, speed, heaviness, lighter moments, atmospheric parts…and that’s all the same song! On a more serious note, this is certainly a musician’s showcase where he blends many diverse sounds and influences into songs. It is not necessarily a traditional solo album by a guitarist that has a fast song, a slow song, an acoustic song etc…it is far more song based, then merely a vehicle for Laskow to shred, which he does do quite often. There are lots of time-changes, mini-suites, and riff upon riff upon riff.

If you insist on comparisons I suppose one could point to Devin Townsend, later-era Death, Cynic, Atheist, later-era Pestilence maybe some Into Eternity, anything that rests on the verges of the metal landscape, welcome, but necessarily part of the ‘True Metal’ club. Hence my initial comment that it takes a while to get your head around. If you are open-minded and enjoy bands that are unconventional and innovative capped with world-class playing, you’ll need ENDITOL.
Track Listing

1. Monoculture
2. Ayin
3. Blame
4. Huath
5. Exterminans
6. Heavenvein
7. Scaven
8. Hope Universal


Jerrod Mawell-Lyster-Vocals
Sascha Laskow-Everything else

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