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Erotik Nekrosis
February 2013
Released: 2012, Agonia Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Five years since their previous release and Norwegian Black Metallers Endezzma are back with their eagerly awaited follow up. Having formed a reputation for carving cold eerie atmospheres within their seductive song compositions their latest offering is dedicated to their long lasting fans and to the untimely death of former guitarist Trondr Nefas.


Beginning with a muffled spoken dialogue of ‘Junkyard Oblivion’ the track quickly speeds up with rapid fire drumming, pulsating riffs and savage throat tearing screams. The mid section glides by with infernal vocal transitions and infectious drumming that builds into some grinding guitar solos taking flight.

Next up, ‘Enigma of the Sullen’ breaks in with a solid bass line and weighty drum work, that sprays out into double kick pedal rage. Amidst the chaos, there is a good sense of guitar melody which is met by a spoken narrative and clean vocals that camouflage well into the morbid surroundings

Meanwhile, ‘Swansong of a Giant’ comes with tortured vocals, barbaric guitar passages and thunderous drumming that is sharp enough severe flesh. The intensity its cranked up with some impressive lead guitar fret board wizardry. The melodic outro throws everything into an ambient terrain in such a way that shows a professionalism within the band’s song writing abilities.

‘Krossing Rubikon’ bursts out in a bass driven punch with plenty of adrenaline inducing guitar solos that should get air guitar fans twitching eagerly at live shows. The melodic breakdown, with its whispering vocals paint a bleak landscape, to the unsuspecting ear before the riffs and drums bounce back in full rage.

Closing off with ‘Soulcleansing’ the hybrid of keys and guitars fuse together in a way that adds to the density, keeping solid momentum through out, whilst the lead guitar adds to the orchestral grandeur of the final track.

Final word, there are many things to be excited about when listening to this record, whether it be the savage assault on the senses or an experimental descent into the sinister sounds that underlie the music‘s forefront attack. Ultimately however, it is the band’s talent for pulling all of this together that makes this an exhilarating ride to embark upon. With a slick sounding production and tightly knotted song structures that weld together seamlessly, this is a come-back album that should quench the thirst of their long devoted fans as well as drawing in some new ones.


Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Junkyard Oblivion
2. Enigma of the Sullen
3. Against Them All
4. Swansong of a Giant
5. Hollow
6. Krossing Rubikon
7. Soulcleansing


Morten Shax – vocals
the late Trondr Nefas – guitars
Mattis Malphas – guitars
Sregroth – bass; Carl Balam - drums

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