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Echoes Of Eternity
The Forgotten Goddess
March 2007
Released: 2007, Nuclear Blast/Sound Pollution
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Echoes of Eternity is a brand-new act formed in 2006 that is about to release their debut album. The band’s founding members are Kirk and Brandon, and when they were joined by Duane and Francine the line-up was complete.

I had to listen to the album many times in order to grasp it because it’s an album that really gives the listener a challenge. The music is a mix of progressive and melodic metal that’s incredibly technical and also has a lot of different tempo changes topped off with a small goth influence. Lead singer Francine’s beautiful voice covers the top of the mix like a soothing veil.

The album seems much longer than 10 songs and 45 minutes, probably because the music is really complex. If the band had decided from the get go which musical style they wanted to focus on I’m sure the album would be much easier to listen to.

It’s mostly Francine’s voice that saves the album from a meltdown, but unfortunately she doesn’t have much of a vocal range. Her voice best fits into the calmer passages where the guitars don’t drown her out. The band has a lot of issues they have to take care of in regards to the music before they can expect to gain any success. There aren’t any killer tracks on this very confusing album. THE FORGOTTEN GODDESS is perfect for everyone who wants a complicated progressive/melodic metal album to listen to, but this isn’t an easy ride by any means.
Track Listing

Burning With Life
Expressions In Flesh
Garden Of The Gods
Towers Of Silence
Voices In A Dream
The Forgotten Goddess
The Kingdom Within
Lost Beneath A Silent Sky
Circels In Stone


Francine Boucher – lead vocals
Brandon Pahon – guitar
Kirk Carrison – drums
Duane Cowan – bass

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