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The Legacy
January 2001
Released: 2000, Nightmare Records
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Rick

Out of Canada comes a not so new progressive metal band by the name of Empyria. Being from Canada myself I have to admit that I have never heard of these guys which is quite a shame cause they have been around since they have be around since 1991. The band released their debut CD "Behind Closed Doors" on TNT/Noise Records in 1996. After some lineup changes Empyria released their second CD "Changing Currents" in 1999. The lineup now consists of Mike Kischnick: guitar, Simon Adam: drums (original members), Phil Leite: vocals and Ken Firomski: bass.

The Legacy is 8 tracks and logs in at just over 37 minutes. The final song is a hidden track. "Solace" opens the Cd with a minute of elevator music with birds chirping and babbling brooks. The intro certainly lives up to its name. This track is followed by the four part song entitled "The Lighter Side of Darkness". This track has some bite to it and Leite shows that he has a great set of pipes. About half way through the song the music breaks down into a jazz influenced piece that is a nice change but really doesn’t fit the rest of the tune. "The Grand Illusion" carries on the longer track with a more powermetal based track. "Silent Rage" is a more mid paced track and on which Leite shines. He sounds like a cross between Sebastian Bach and King Diamond. Kischnick is no slouch on the six string either as he just shreds on this track. The tune ends off with am almost Slayer like riffing section ala "South Of Heaven". "The Legacy" closes out the four part song with some heavy progressive metal. It at times is thrashy and at others subdued and melodic. A good track. Up next is one of my favourite songs on the disc, "Synchronicity II". This is a cover of the Police song and Empyria do a great job of making it their own. This is how this song was meant to sound. The disc closes with hidden track I think might be titled "Salvation". Honestly this is probably the best song on The Legacy. It’s a great blend of progressive and power metal.

This CD was definitely a grower for me. I listened to it a few times and nothing really jumped out at me. I put it away for awhile but decided to give haul it out and review it. The time really made the difference. The songs began to sound much better and then the bonus track just jumped out at me. While this is not the best CD that I have ever heard it is definitely a quality product. Empyria are now in the studio working on their fourth CD. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.
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