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July 2016
Released: 2015, Underground Symphony
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

On paper this is awesome. Estonian Power Metal on the Italian Power Metal label Underground Symphony. That description alone is pretty much an automatic win in my books so I knew I had to review this new band. I’m glad the music matched my expectations!

REVIVAL is the debut album by this young band even though they have been around a few years and put on an EP and some singles, but as of April 2016, this became the real deal. As with all good Metal sometimes (most of the time?) more is better and this band has seven members! Everything about this bands debut is big; epic songs, big orchestration, big production and huge sound. Revival throws in any number of twists and turns into their songs including many progressive elements, loads of keyboards many stop-start time-changes and soaring vocals as well as digital type sonic flourishes.

The soprano style vocals of Anna are simply superb, reminding me a little of Tarja Turunen. That may sound like a simplistic comparison, one that has been made in many reviews where the reviewer talks about soprano vocals, everyone always references Tarja because of her iconic stature. However very often when the vocals style, tone and delivery are different, but because it is female singing soprano, everyone name-drops Tarja. However in this case it is appropriate, Anna has that same range and power that is delightful.

The tone and tempo of the album is quite punchy and heavy, bombastic although I would like a bit more guitar, at times the guitar seems overshadowed by the keyboards and the omni-present digital sounds. There are some more tender moments like the acoustic piano introduction of the song ‘Death Itself’ which takes on a bit more of a gothic overtone. There is even a bit of saxophone as well in the piano driven soaring and epic ballad ‘Everytime’.

At first the digital manipulation and staccato sounds were distracting but over a few listens, that signature style became apparent, giving the band a bit more of a unique sound in a very crowded sub-genre of Metal. The songs are written and arranged in an interesting and non-predictable fashion that is a strength of the band. REVIVAL is a very solid debut by a very promising band for fans of female-fronted, symphonic, orchestral, progressive Power Metal with some modern flair.
Track Listing

1. On the Wings of Freedom
2. Running Man
3. Blind Faith
4. Death Itself
5. Every Time
6. Hate Is All You Have Left for Me
7. Emptiness
8. Shadow Falls
9. Death Itself


Anna Ganina Vocals
Maxim Spiridonov Guitars
Pavel Korotaev Guitars
Vsevolod Chelepeace Keyboards
Katya Gritskova Bass
Sergei Struts Drums



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