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Speaker of the Dead
May 2011
Released: 2011, Victory Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

If you have never heard anything by the likes of Emmure before, you will definitely be surprised by them. From their baggy shorts and back to front baseball caps, you would imagine them to be as Nu metal as an army of Fred Dursts; but let me tell you that you are completely and utterly wrong if you thought this. With music that sounds heavily reminiscent to bands like BMTH and Parkway Drive and a singer whose voice is so brutal you would think that Satan had possesses him.

When you revive yourself after being hit by the brutal freight train which is track one ‘Children of Cybertron’ you are presented with 14 more powerhouse, balls to the wall deathcore tracks which are all killer and certainly no filler. Each track builds and rolls smoothly into the next track, clearly distinguishing when the next two or three minutes of mayhem has begun. Thankfully all throughout Speaker of the Dad we get the constant aggression and power hammering through which is needed in all great deathcore records. The downturned riffs are so crunchy and solid providing lots of sonic boom sounding beat downs which will blow your ears at the click of a finger, and this is even before Frankie Palmeri gets to work with his violent vocal line!

Speaker of the Dead is the ideal album to be played live in its entirety. As soon as you play this album you will get the feeling that you are throwing down in the pit at your local venue. Songs like: ‘Dogs get put Down’, ‘Bohemian Groove’ and ‘A Voice From Below’ were all written with a purpose to get a crowd hyped. It feels so good to know that you can mosh and bounce and hardcore dance to this album anywhere and you couldn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about you. What you want in any metal album is something that is exciting, fresh and new and something to bang your head vigorously to. Emmure are the best band to take that into consideration making sure that Speaker of the Dead is packed to the rim of proper metal tunes.

It’s a shame really that bands such as Emmure get such bad press because despite people saying “Deathcore isn’t metal”. Emmure are actually heavier and more aggressive than most metal bands going. Just compare Slayer’s ‘Reign in Blood’ to Emmure’s ‘Solar Flare Homicide’. Solar Flare Homicide by far has the heavier riff and the harsher vocals capable of igniting hundreds of fans into a wall of death. Sure, the way they dress may put people off but seriously listen to that song and now you tell me who is more metal!

So, if you ever want an album that you can band your head to and have a blast listening to. Then go out and get your copy of Speaker of the Dead, because despite what people deathcore is a growing genre and Emmure have hit the ground running with this amazing album.

Review: Matthew Seddon
Track Listing

1.Children of Cybertron
3.Dogs get put Down
4.Demons with Ryu
5.Solar Flare Homicide
6.Eulogy of Giants
7.Bohemian Grave
8.4 Poisons 3 Words
9.Cries of Credo
10.Last words to rose
11.A voice from below
12.Druge Dealer Friend
13.My name is Thanos
14.Lights Brings Salvation
15. Words of Intulo


Mark Davis – bass guitar
Mike Kaabe – drums
Jesse Ketive – guitar
Mike Mulholland – guitar
Frankie Palmeri – lead vocals

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