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The God Of All Mistakes
August 2008
Released: 2008, Locomotive Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Eminence is a Brazilian act formed by guitarist Wallace during 1995. After a lot of touring in Brazil the band entered a contest arranged by MTV, Warner Music and major magazines and news papers from show business, and it went really well for Eminence. During 1998 the band did some independent productions and promotions that ended quite well. Back home again they started to work on the album CHAOTIC SYSTEM. After some hard promotional work and touring it’s now time for the band to release a brand new disc.

Eminence plays aggressive, sharp and heavy thrash metal with a modern twist. There are both death metal influences as well as mellcore and tribal parts but that maybe can be expected from a Brazilian band? Think of the older version of Sepultura, In Flames and Soilwork, top it off with Slipknot then you have a pretty good picture of what Eminence music sounds like.

Unfortunately didn’t THE GOD OF ALL MISTAKES do anything for me. It felt really hard to get through this disc because of the very pointy and shattered material. Lead singer Parreiras can’t sing this kind of music and the materials are really boring. It doesn’t leave any lasting impression and it only makes me tired to listen to a crazy maniac that screams out the lyrics. Don’t get me started on the mellcore parts, the only thing that actually feels solid is the death/thrash parts that I want to hear more of. But again, the weakest link is definitely the lead singer.

I can’t understand what the band wants with their music, right now is the album a blur of un-focused material. The musicians are great but their music sucks. Eminence hasn’t got anything new to offer us or nothing that says that this is Eminence. The band is really anonymous and it feels like they have nothing new to offer.

I have listened to the album numerous of times in order to fins something positive to say about it but I can’t. Well, the production is made by the talented Tue Madsen and sounds therefore awesome but that’s about it. The production is the only positive thing. The rest suck. Please, find your own identity and write material that feels like a unit. Good Luck.
Track Listing

The God Of All Mistakes
Day 7
Devil’s Boulevard
Injected Lies
Written In Dust
Snake Beat
Enemy Inside


Wallace Parreiras – lead vocals
Andre Marcio – drums
Alan Wallace – guitar
Thiago Correa – bass

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