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Emerald Sun
March 2011
Released: 2011, Pitch Black Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Emerald Sun are a six-piece power metal band hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece who have two previous full length releases under their belts. REGENERATION is the band's first release for the Pitch Black Records label.

The CD kicks off with the up tempo hard rocker "We Won’t Fall". Emerald Sun's brand of power metal is heavy on melodic guitars and flashy keyboards, similar to Stratovarius. Vocalist Stelios "Theo" Tsakirides reaches some impressive higher register notes and really shines on this track. "Theater of Pain" recalls Deris' era Helloween, from everything from the vocal phrasing and delivery to the tandem lead guitar harmonies. That's not necessarily a bad thing in my book though, just an over obvious choice when Euro power metal is involved. Midway through the track there is some really goofy sounding spoken word passage that kind of ruins this tracks overall credibility, but falls in line perfect with the aforementioned Helloween reference.

The title track on REGENERATION is a solid 1:50 of keyboard atmosphere. It's really anyone's guess as to why the album was named after an intro track. "Starchild" is next and is standard, catchy Euro metal fare. It's performed with enough technique and conviction to be called decent, but offers zero in the creativity department, and doesn't really make any effort to try and push the envelope. "Planet Metal" is a double kick ass beating and probably the albums finest moment. A power metalized cover version of the eighties top forty smash hit "Holding Out For A Hero" originally performed by Bonnie Tyler, is included as a bonus track.

REGENERATION features some truly outstanding performances, excellent production value and slick artwork. My only real beef with this disc is that I feel there is just not enough originality on tap, not enough authentic and distinct "Oomph" that as a listener you could relate to and go "Oh hey, this is Emerald Sun" if one of their tracks came on the jukebox at the pub. As it stands right now, as good of a band as these players are, there's a million other bands that sounds just like them.
Track Listing

1. We Won’t Fall
2. Theater of Pain
3. Where Angels Fly
4. Regeneration
5. Starchild
6. Speak of the Devil
7. Planet Metal
8. Chasing the Wind
9. Fantasmagoria
10. Holding out for a Hero (Bonus)


Stelios "Theo" Tsakirides - Vocals
Johnnie Athanasiadi - Guitars
Teo Savage - Guitars
Jim Tsakirides - Keyboards
Fotis "Sheriff" Toumanides - Bass
Bill Kanakis - Drums



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