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Within re-mastered
November 2003
Released: 2003, Regain Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is the bands second album that has been re-mastered and re-released. This album doesn’t include any bonus tracks. On this album the band went into the very well known Abyss Studio during 99/00 to record their follow up and the album was produced and mixed by the famous Tommy Tägtgren with some help from the band. As usual Tommy has done a great job with the production.

There have been some member changes since the debut album. New members are Mr. Lejon on drums and Mr. Karlsson on keyboard. The bands sound, which was very symphonic death metal on the debut with very complicated tempo changes with keyboard and piano high up in the mix, has been changed. It is still symphonic death metal but now it is harder and more melodic with more guitars on top. The speed is also faster compared to the debut. When this Malmö, Sweden based band broke up the members went along and joined other bands like Tenebre, Evergrey and Soilwork.

Embraced has gathered 9 tracks on the record one of which is an instrumental. Just as on the debut, the whole band has written the music and the lyrics. Embraced was a very competent band with strong songs and good musicians. I think that WITHIN is much better than the debut because it’s heavier and the keyboard/piano has been toned down. The thing that drags down the rating is Kalles voice. He shows no sign of a wider vocal range and holds his vocals at the same level all the time and that makes you tired to listen to. His voice suits his new band Burning Engines much better. Besides Kalles voice the album works pretty well.
Track Listing

Solitude of my own
Within me
The fallen
Era of changes
Nighttime drama
Sacred tears
Blessed are those


K Johansson – lead vocals
P Mårdklint – guitar
M Håkansson – bass
D Tepic – guitar
J Chmiclewski – keyboard
T Lejon – drums
S Karlsson - keyboards

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