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Amorous Anathema re-mastered
November 2003
Released: 2003, Regain Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Another re-release from Regain Records is the Malmö, Sweden based band Embraced. The band has released two albums, the other one is also re-mastered and going to be released later this year. There are two bonus tracks on this debut and it is ten tracks altogether. When the band broke up the members went along to join other bands such as Soilwork, Evergrey and Tenebre.

They went into the famous Studio Fredman to record the album in November 1997. It was recorded by Fredrik Nordström, Anders Fridén and the band. Produced and mixed by Anders and the band and they have done a great job with the production. Embraced play very complicated, symphonic death metal with a lot of tempo changes. It has a lot of keyboard and piano at the top of the soundpicture. The entire band has contributed with material to the album. Daniel on drums is not longer a member of the band on this album but he plays anyway. Mr. Johansson’s voice does not fit in to the music at all.

“A Dying Flames” is symphonic death metal with a lot of keyboard and guitar at the top of the sound picture. “The End… And Here We All Die”, “Memento of Emotions” and “Princess of Twilight” have a piano intro before the band starts off. This is incredibly technical and symphonic death metal. The speed is not so fast. “Nightfall”, “Dirge of the Masquerade” and “Into the Unknown” set the speed pretty high with a lot of tempo changes. There are also some calmer parts with only piano and keyboard. On “The Beautiful Flow of an Autumn Passion” they have borrowed Kalle Metz (Flegma, Tenebre, 69-hard) to sing a duet with the singer. Metz’s vocals suit this band more than Kalles voice do. Here the music sounds more gothic metal than symphonic metal.

Now to the bonus tracks. Embraced has done a cover of the old Alphaville song “Big In Japan” and it is done well. It sounds much better than the original. “Book of keys” it’s incredibly slow and the tempo is grinding.

Embraced’s debut is a really strong one. There’s nothing bad to say about this at all. The only thing to wish for is that Mr. Johansson could vary his voice a bit more. His voice capacity is not so wide, but they have very competent musicians and very well written material straight through the album.
Track Listing

A dying flame
The end…..and here we all die
Princess of twilight
Into the unknown
Memento of emotions
The beautiful flow of an autumn passion
Dirge of masquerade
Big in Japan
Book of keys


Julius Chmielewski – keyboard
Michael Håkansson – bass, vocals
Kalle Johansson – lead vocals
Peter Mårdklint – guitar
Sven Karlsson – piano, keyboard
Davor Tepic – guitar
Daniel Lindberg – drums



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