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Amorous Anathema
May 2006
Released: 1998, Regain Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

All of us have our very special and favorite CDs. They set our standards on how Metal should sound like. For me one of this CDs is AMOROUS ANATHEMA by the amazing Embraced. A 7 piece from Mâlmo Sweden that after releasing two more than amazing works of art (being WITHIN the other), decided to break up for a few years (5 to be exact), and just recently re-united to release their third masterwork.

Embraced Death style in AMOROUS ANATHEMA is as melodic as it can get. You can feel this from the very beginning with "A Dying Flame", which is followed by "The End… And Here We All Die", which contains a precious piano interlude and in my opinion is one of Metals most emotive songs ever. In this release the band shows why they decided to have two keyboard players, simply amazing. I will stop here, because I could continue raving about the songs, but it would be better if you did it for yourself, you would freak out with this amazing CD. AMOROUS ANATHEMA was recorded at the infamous Fredman Studios and has the recording facilities characteristic sound so you can´t go wrong here.

In very few words this is one of the best releases ever in the Death/Doom Metal genre. Once you get your hands on AMOROUS ANATHEMA, you will experience the highest emotive standard applied to art. Extremely recommended.
Track Listing

1. A Dying Flame
2. The End... And Here We All Die
3. Nightfall
4. Princess Of Twilight
5. Into The Unknown
6. Memento Of Emotions
7. The Beautiful Flow Of An Autumn Passion
8. Dirge Of The Masquerade


Julius Chmielewski
Michael Håkansson
Kalle Johansson
Sven Karlsson
Daniel Lindberg
Peter Mårdklint
Kalle Metz
Davor Tepic

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