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December 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Canadian Carnage! Because I am a true patriot, once or twice a year I like to do a quick spotlight and some short reviews on newer, independent, underground Canadian Metal bands. That time is now! Thanks to all of the bands who sent me material for my spotlight. In the spirit of the PMRC, I have chosen a ‘Filthy Fifteen’ (+1!) as some (but not all!) of the bright lights, innovators and leaders of Canadian Metal. Most of them are independent bands releasing their debut album or EP in 2017. Check these bands out, they are the future of Metal! They are (listed alphabetically)…

Abomb (Calgary)

Decatur (Toronto)

Emblem (St. John’s)

Evereal (Mission)

Hammerdrone (Calgary)

Heaven’s Fire (Toronto)

Hounskull (Mississauga)

Ice War (Ottawa)

Maglor (Calgary)

Monarch Woods (London)

Operus (Toronto)

Osyron (Calgary)

Solarus (London)

The Lightbringer (Quebec City)

To The Mountains (Lethbridge)

Votov (Winnipeg)

Emblem hail from the island of Newfoundland, one of the least populated places in Canada. Due to a small population and geographic isolation it is hard for Metal bands to make a go of it, but newcomers Emblem are charging into the battle against crappy music with enthusiasm!

Starting with an eye-catching cover (think Easter Island) complete with steel font logo, the band has released a very solid, self-titled, 10-track album of traditional/classic Metal. This sound is very popular right now and it is always good to have bands in this style.

Emblem write and perform an appealing blend of NWOBHM and early USPM a lot of young bands are going back and discovering the sound of old bands like Saxon, Maiden, and Manilla Road and making it their own. They even cover ‘We Stand to Fight’ an old song from 1985 originally recorded as a single by the NWOBHM band, Virtue. This is the kind of stuff that the underground bands are digging into and I love it. The galloping, busy drums, the clean vocals, punchy riffs and good driving tempo make this a winner. They are not afraid to write longer more interesting songs as several of them hit the six or seven minute mark.

This quartet from St. John’s have delivered a very solid and enjoyable debut album. A bright light in Canadian Metal to be sure!
Track Listing

1. The Exorcist
2. Witch Eagle
3. Soldiers of Steel
4. Dreams at Night
5. The Mountain Trail
6. Plants That Heal
7. Encased in Stone
8. Castle of Oak
9. Jack the Ripper
10. We Stand to Fight


Harry Clarke Vocals, Bass
Drew Knee Guitar
John Cooper Guitar
Jon Singleton Drums



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