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February 2016
Released: 2016, Apostasy Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Seven years and several new band members after their third full-length, Beyond The Flesh, Germany's Embedded return with pretty much more of the same brutal death metal they've been churning out in one way, shape or form for two decades.

Guitarist Wolfgang Sanderman and bassist Daniel Meier join a line-up that hasn't featured an original member since guitarist André Danowsky left in 2010. But that never stopped Napalm Death, and it merely seems to have slowed Embedded – in a manner of speaking.

Bloodgeoning is pure blast-and-hammer death metal a la vintage Cannibal, Deicide or Suffocation. It delivers loads of slashing riffs, bracing tempos and ultra-violent lyrical themes capped with gnarly perfection by Rainer Düsing's often upchuck-like vocals – he sounds like he might have had one of Chipotle's E. coli special burritos on “Cleansed By Fire.”

“Quadruple Corpse Horror” and “Murder-Suicide” lead things off with a particularly nasty right-left combination, and the band just keep swinging from here. “Edenblaze” boasts a bit more technicality and finesse – as well as lyrics that veer away from murder worship to just plain old worship, or the futility thereof – whereas “Grinding The Bones” rides a fitting chug-and-grind groove.

Otherwise, Bloodgeoning offers nothing particularly fancy - and the band make no apologies for it in living up to the album's title. They revel in old-school grit and play with abandon throughout. Period. So while inventiveness may have been cast to the wayside, brutality has not. And if they're cool with that, I guess we should be too.
Track Listing

1. Quadruple Corpse Horror
2. Murder-Suicide
3. Cleansed By Fire
4. Dawn of My Being
5. Edenblaze
6. Grinding the Bones
7. Time Has Come
8. Bowed


Rainer Düsing - vocals
Christian Wösten - guitar
Wolfgang Sanderman - guitar
Daniel Meier - bass
Markus Renzenbrink - drums

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