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Wires of Creation
April 2012
Released: 2012, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Australia’s Elysian are a five piece melodic death metal outfit, bearing mechanical resemblances to hall of famers like Soilwork, Arch Enemy, In Flames, etc, as well as some hints of Killswitch and a dash of Fear Factory. Comparisons to other acts notwithstanding, the band’s self released debut WIRES OF CREATION is a generally solid effort that rocks familiar tones while integrating some unique elements that make you wish there were more of those moments.

There are a lot of up and comers that stylistically mimic the bands listed above, but Elysian succeeds at doing so with a little more panache than their competitors. The tunes come across as more mature than you’d expect from a newer band, and they generally succeed at getting their point across. Yes, you’ll find plenty of staccato riffs, melodic harmonies, and screamo vokills, but Elysian weaves in some designated stripped down “interlude” moments across the album which surprisingly adds a lot of additional color and depth to the tunes. It doesn’t come off gimmicky, but it does show that the band is capable of writing more interesting arrangements beyond staccato riffs, melodic harmonies, and screamo vokills.

All things being equal though, there’s nary a bad tune to be found on WIRES OF CREATION. However, I found “The Climbing of Fear,” “Conquest,” and the appropriately titled “Machine” to be the best of the batch. Each of these tunes breaks from the general architecture of their counterparts and strives to differentiate themselves through subtle but potent maneuvers. Be it as simple as a more natural riff structure or some impressive lead work, these songs in particular make me want to hear more of what Elysian has to offer.

WIRES OF CREATION is a good, but could’ve been great debut from a talented young band. Elysian may not have completely sealed the deal here, but it’s a promising start. Check out Elysian’s website for more info and samples.
Track Listing

1. Mans Design
2. Sigma
3. Climb from Fear
4. Eternal Breath
5. Sense Offender
6. The Gate
7. Play the Hand
8. Calming the Storm
9. Conquest
10. Machine
11. A Cry from Helplessness


Benny G - Vocals, Percussion
Hutch - Guitars
Gabriel - Guitars
Tristan - Bass
Jordan - Drums

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by Aaron Yurkiewicz

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