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Blood Leads To Glory
October 2014
Released: 2014, Inferno Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I only discovered Elvenstorm about a year ago when I did a spotlight on their label, Inferno Records. Their album came out in 2011, so for me it didn’t seem to be too long between albums, as they are back with their new studio album, BLOOD LEADS TO GLORY.

The French Power Metal act is still with Inferno and on this album they have introduced their new bassist, William Duclot who is apparently already out of the band. BLOOD LEADS TO GLORY, besides being an awesome title, has a cool cover of a warrior/knight on his throne.

Elvenstorm have retained their sound that made them so attractive, the speedy, heady, sounds of fast Grave Digger and classic era Running Wild. Not too many bands have this style and I’m delighted to see they have kept in that direction, just balls out Metal. After a brief, instrumental introductory piece, the 11-track, 50 minute albums is has a huge sense of momentum and rabid pace. It is not like the ultra-shred of the Dragonforce inspired, neo-speedsters (like Victorious and Pathfinder) but just fast guitar, fats bass, everything just full-on and full tilt.

Vocalist Laura brings us tales of adventure and danger, werewolves and evil women as she belts out the stories with a powerful voice. She is a classic Metal singer in the style of Leather Leone, not overtly feminine, nor trying to be too aggressive either, just delivering a fierce, from the heart, vocal delivery. On occasion, she is backed up a by an understated male choir that adds a new dimension to the sound. The riffs and guitars rip all over the place with solid riffs, nothing earth-shatteringly innovative but true to the core.

I’ve heard some people compare them to Stormwarrior and too Lonewolf, likely due to the connection of having Lonewolf drummer Felix in the band, but an apt comparison nonetheless. Back in the day (ie. the 80’s) there was a term ‘Speed Metal’ which over time fell out of favour for some reason. I feel that BLOOD LEADS TO GLORY is a prime example of a band capturing the elusive, orginal ‘Speed Metal’ sound without going too fast or changing into thrash. As if to demonstrate their commitment to travel the olden path, they end the album with a Savage Grace cover! Elvenstorm are indeed on their way to glory.
Track Listing

1. Sanguis Ad Gloriam
2. Reign in Glory
3. Werewolves of the East
4. Temple of the Sun
5. Ruler of the Night
6. Black Hordes
7. Fallen One
8. Sirens of Death
9. Where Angels Dare to Die
10. Mistress from Hell
11. Into the Fire


Michael Hellström Guitars
Laura Ferreux Vocals
Félix Börner Drums
William Duclot Bass

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