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Where The Secret Lies
March 2017
Released: 2016, Maple Metal
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It is not too often that we review many bands from Uruguay so I was very pleased to check out Elixir. Elxir are a sextet from the nation’s capital, Montevideo and later in 2016 they released their sophomore effort entitled WHERE THE SECRET LIES.

The band has singed to Maple Metal out of Canada, an odd fit in terms of geography, but the small label is respected in Power Metal circles. The band have presented a well-produced 11 track album that runs about 45 minutes, cutting away any fat or filler such as long intro’s or cover tunes. Each song is a fairly conventional composition, of verse, chorus, verse chorus and all the songs fall nicely into the three to four minute range. Musically the band nicely straddle melodic Metal, like many of the heavier artists you might hear on Frontiers label, (Pretty Maids, Cain’s Offering etc) and a heavy dose of speed and power even edging into Dragonforce territory at times.

The band has a very full, lush sound heavily reliant on keyboards that nicely interplay with the twin guitar foundation. Songs like ‘Release Myself’ have a few little digital parts that make it for an interesting listen with really fast keyboard lines, quite like old Sonata Arctica. There are lots of great guitar solos as well but they never rise into pure shred territory, but there is no doubt that these guys can play! The high, clear, expressive vocals of Brunno Navarro are excellent for this type of clean, fast Metal and you really get a chance to hear his talent on the lovely power ballad, ‘The Sailor Song’. The songs are engaging and memorable, with good catchy choruses and riffs. I would not classify this as neo-classical or symphonic, just well-produced and intense. The album is largely fast, most songs race along but not everything is just double-kick driven, there are a variety of tempos, but all the songs have a strong energy.

That is where the secret of Elixir lies, a perfected blend of speed and melody. Don’t let their remote location or smaller label status deter you, these guys are very solid with a very enjoyable album.
Track Listing

1. World Is Not Over
2. Broken Heart
3. Beyond Dreams
4. Everlasting Soul
5. You'll Never Walk Alone
6. Rising Star
7. The Sailor Song
8. Where the Secret Lies
9. Have You Ever Felt This Way
10. Release Myself
11. Southern Pride


Bruno Navarro Vocals
Matias Artecona Guitar
Marcos Garcia Guitar
Andres Duarte Bass
Federico Fleitas Drums



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