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February 2005
Released: 2004, Paragon Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

This CD is full-length, but contains only six tracks. In Black Metal circles, this can mean only one thing: Ten-minute tracks of “mysterious” guitar ambience and nature sounds. But what the hell—I wound up loving Setherial. It’s not all bad…

I’m hearing a lot of Burzum…quite a bit of Burzum, actually. (But not the annoying, screamy Godkiller-style Burzum-worship). There is also a noticeable Darkthrone influence (Think Panzerfaust). Actually, this sounds a lot like some of the Czech black metal bands floating around out there (Maniac Butcher comes to mind).

I keep listening to this, and for no good reason—it’s not really outstanding, given all that’s out there. But it just has a primitive charm to it—you know, like a big hairy ape in ass-less chaps and a party-hat. It’s better than Judas Iscariot. (But so is a cheese grater and a bongo.)

The vocalist’s name is “Bent.” (Snicker.) Get past the name, and he has a half-decent rasp, similar to Satyr or Fenriz. He gets a little too carried away with the maniacal laughter on the closing track, but at least he doesn’t sound like a muppet, or like Popeye. (Plus one point for this achievement).

Ultimately, this isn’t terrible. It grows on you like some sort of satanic moss. In fact, if you miss Black Metal like they used to make it back in the Lords Of Chaos years (and you already own the Fog record), this band represents that sound quite well. And hey—the lyrics are even in Norwegian! It won’t break any records, but then, no one has stabbed anybody yet.

Play it for your pastor.
Track Listing

01. Berserkerens manifest
02. Tusen aar i lysets vold
03. Brent av lyset
04. Kampen for vaart norroenne rike
05. Trollkvinnens sang
06. Fanget i vrede





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