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The One They Were Waiting For
August 2011
Released: 2011, Obskure Somber
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Everything about this album is weird. No bad, just weird. Eliminator is a two-man band from America, when I heard the name I figured the band would be some sort of retro-thrash thing, which is still OK in my books. Not so. THE ONE THEY WERE WAITING FOR is a bizarre mix of thrash and blues. Seriously. It’s odd. The only other band I can think of that has attempted to mix thrash and true blues is the obscure late 80’s act, Violent Playground who released only one album called THRASHIN BLUES. I think this is completely unique which scores major points.

The album is an independent production, nine cuts for a generous hour of music. The sequencing and tracks are also a bit odd. For example the album starts with an 18 minute long song called ‘Atish’. More on that later. We also get three ‘songs’ that are under one-minute long and they are essentially some guy (who sounds like Sam Dunn) reading emo-poetry. I could have done without all three of these tracks. I don’t like it, I don’t get it. There is another long song clocking in at over 19 minutes. There is a Robert Johnson cover tune. The final track is an instrumental piece of what sounds like unaccompanied cello but according to the liner notes is a string quartet. The packaging is adequate, lyrics, some pictures (presumably) of the two members when they were young, plus liner notes. The production is adequate, a little thin perhaps but well within the range of tolerance.

Musically speaking, I really, really enjoyed this album. I threw the CD on in my car, nice and loud on the way to work, as I often do the first time hearing a new disc and I thought to myself, ‘This song seems long…’ after driving for almost 20 minutes. I guessed maybe I’d missed something and it was couple or three of songs blended together, but no, ‘Atish’ is one giant song, with many parts. Part prog, part thrash, part Speed/Death/Black and all good! If you are a fan of conventional song-writing and arrangement, this band may not be for you. For those a bit more adventurous it’s pretty cool. Overall the main songs are quite heavy, a ripping Speed/Thrash kind thing, good velocity, good energy and aggression levels…and then the band will take you on a sharp left-turn as heard at about the three minute mark of the other long song, ‘Honey Sacrifice’ and you hear understated male choirs. Then at the 10 and half-minute mark we get some simple blues stuff with an amusing spoken word voice-over. Ya just gotta hear this stuff to believe it. The cover of Robert Johnson’s ‘Me And The Devil Blues’ get stretched from the 2:37 original to an 8:09 minute epic, with choirs, keyboards, lots of soloing and Black Metal vocals. Robert is rolling over in his grave.

I’ve never heard anything like this before and I’m delighted to see young artists breaking ground, being creative within the heavier genres of Metal. THE ONE THEY WERE WAITING FOR is well done and recommended for anyone who enjoys their outside of the box and willing to work outside the standard archetypes of the genre.
Track Listing

1. Atish
2. Calm Before The Storm
3. Me And The Devil Blues
4. The Man In The Picture...To Become What Is One
5. Answers Left Behind
6. Honey Sacrifice
7. He Who Laughs Best Today
8. Goodness Is Dead...Enter The Black Hole Fucker!
9. R.I.P.


Warchild-Vocals, Guitar, Bass



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