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Demo 2007
October 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

This 2-piece blackened thrash act Eliminator, blasts their amps in New Brunswick (NJ), and unquestionably these two guys from Eliminator (Warchild and Barbarian) have both done their homework well with a bunch of classic German (Minotaur, Violent Force, old Destruction, etc.) and Brazilian thrash bands (Atomica, Vulcano, etc.) as well as with some of those riffings that a relatively unknown guitarist, Jeff Waters (from this relatively unknown band... what was it? Never mind, the name just escapes my mind at the moment...), used to churn out from his hot 6-stringer back in the day. This fair reference to Mr. Waters is in place especially with the 1st song, "The Punisher", in which Warchild truly punishes us with his 6-string axe the best he can - added wth his savage vocal delivery that really makes a pretty impressive impact on listeners of this particlar style.

"Holacaust War Metal", the 2nd song out of these two songs on the ´demo´, manages to strike the listener´s teeth to the back of his/her throat even more savagely than the first cut. It´s overall a more varied song and has some really masterfully done riffs and even some good solo work present in it too. Warchild´s vocals sound again, pleasingly aggressive and raw, which is just the kind of vocals that appeals to me personally. As for the drumming, Barbarian does his job behind the cans pretty facelessly, but still somewhat decently though.

About the production, that´s what´s clearly their weakest link. Namely the demo sounds like this could only be some sort of a rehearsal tape put on CD. I´m sorry to say but even back in the day I got more better sounding rehearsal tapes through the tape trading scene for myself than what´s offered on this demo. They should consider recordering their next output in a real studio just to get way more impact out of their stuff. Other than that, Eliminator was a pleasingly new acquaintance to me indeed.
Track Listing

01. Chaos and Death
02. The Punisher
03. Holocaust War Metal


Warchild - Vocals & guitars
Barbarian - Drums

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