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Breaking the Wheel
November 2008
Released: 2008, Ukragh Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

War has been declared... A merciless and all-annihilating panzer division named Eliminator - coming from New Brunswick, New Jersey, has been armed to the teeth, and is on its way toward YOU! Eliminator comes to destroy and to eliminate you from this world. Sounds a bit like... ´ugly´, eh?

The hot burning bullets that are served by Eliminator´s obviously musically ambitious and demanding trio are targeted especially toward the lovers of some European thrash (early Sodom, early Destruction and early Kreator come to mind) as well as the fans that seem to get a lot of pleasure from listening to some recent Brazilian thrash (Violator, Eternal Devastation, Farscape, etc). Eliminator´s blackened, sharp and aggressive thrash rolls over the listeners nicely, beating each of us with rough enough hands. The band´s mastermind, using a nickname ´Warchild´, has undoubtedly put lots of hard effort into this release, to make the songs flow so irresistibly as they do on the band´s debut. The band relies mostly on very fast-paced stuff (the instant adrenaline burst for example on such songs as “World Obliteration” and “Breaking the Wheel” is huge) in their 7 songs on this record, but gladly they also do use some necessary breaks here and there to spice things up a little bit. As far as the production goes, I would have hoped they could have brought the vocal parts more to the forefront of the recording because now they tend to be buried a bit under the dominating yet so beautifully shredding guitars that seem to have taken the main throne in the songs most of the time. For example in the title track, “Breaking the Wheel”, the vocals are way too much in the background in my opinion, now lacking the most ideal impact that they might have offered to listeners if brought nearer to the surface in the final mix. Otherwise, I really like Warchild´s style like he's about to spit his guts out. His harsh and Tom Angelripper-like vocalism serves the songs´ purpose well, providing a few extra spoonfuls of wickedness to the whole outcome, and overall strengthening Eliminator´s own position as a noteworthy blackened thrash act in the underground metal scene.

In spite of a few minor flaws here and there, I think Eliminator´s trio is truly in good kickass shape on their debut, which also has very eye-catching album artwork done by a famous heavy metal album cover artist Ed Repka (Megadeth, Evil Dead, Solstice, etc.). By all means check them out if you´re a fan of harder side of vicious thrash.
Track Listing

01. World Obliteration
02. Breaking the Wheel
03. Holocaust War Metal
04. The Punisher
05. Disgust
06. Service Your Leader
07. Prescription for Extinction... Time Enough at Last


Warchild - Vocals, lead & rhythm guitars and bass
Scythe - Lead guitar
Samus - Percussion

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