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April 2014
Released: 2014, Aural Music/Goregore Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Italian deathsters Electrocution return after a near two-decade split with three of their four original members - guitarist/vocalist Mick Montaguti, guitarist Alex Guadagnoli and bassist Maxx Canali – still onboard, which is pretty amazing when you consider that the band only issued one album, Inside The Unreal, in 1993! Granted it did earn them a certain degree of cult status – which eventually led to Guadagnoli auditioning for Sepultura – but 21 years is a hell of a long time.

A 20th anniversary re-release of Inside apparently got the creative juices flowing again and Electrocution are back with the very definition of a “long-awaited” follow-up album. The band members obviously stayed somewhat current with death metal trends and techniques, as Metaphysincarnation boasts a slick, clean, modern sound – produced by Guadagnoli, who now hails from Los Angeles - and a flair for technicality and complexity. A crass throwback or nostalgia trip this certainly is not.

These guys sure aren't lacking for energy after all this time away from the scene, and they bring it here with gusto and don't skimp on the brutality. The band's slashing, attacking style and Montaguti's blunt-force vocals are reminiscent of Poland's Vader, though with a bit more flash in Guadagnoli's fleet, piercing lead work and lyrics that seem to jockey between the philosophical and apocalyptic – Montaguti's delivery leaves things a little murky.

And though there's a certain uniformity to the material, given the band's all-ahead-full, all-the-time presentation, they add enough twists, turns and tangents to keep things interesting. The unorthodox riffing and rhythms on “Phylogenesis” and “Panopticon” and booming hooks throughout “Bloodless” really stand out. And Electrocution don't go overboard with technical indulgences. The songs are complex, but compact and structurally sound.

All in all, a pretty solid comeback for these guys. It’s not quite the triumph that Carcass’ Surgical Steel was last year, but it shows Electrocution still have their old chops and aren’t afraid to try something new with them.
Track Listing

1. Wireworm
2. Phylogenesis
3. Abiura
4. Bloodless
5. As A Son To His Father
6. Panopticon
7. Nature Obliteration
8. Logos
9. Aliento Del Diablo
10. Spirals In Tension
11. Anthropocentric


Mick Montaguti - guitar, vocals
Alex Guadagnoli - lead guitar
Max Canali - bass
Vellacifer - drums

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