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Electric Wizard
March 2001
Released: 2001, The Music Cartel
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Wisco

We metalheads use the term HEAVY very, very the point where it becomes an all encompassing description for pretty much all of our metal tastes. I'm guilty of this, sure, but I'm about to atone for my sins. February saw me discovering what true HEAVINESS is all about (in my opinion, of course!!!). The coldest month of the year, was the month where I first met the wizard...the ELECTRIC WIZARD!!! How did they slip past me (kinda like LAMB OF GOD, but that's a whole 'nother story)? These guys are HEAVY personified!!! Not heavy fast, not heavy in a death metal sense, no these guys are heavy in the thickest fucking sense of the word. It all boils down to the tone and sludge factor...just about nobody does it to this extreme...please, read on.

The album is DOPETHRONE. It, without a doubt, trudges along a path to pure doom. As I've said to a few o' my bulletin board buddies, a few of these cuts made me feel like I was actually dying!!! How much doomier can doom fucking get!!!??? For a near death experience, check out track 3 (weird tales). The last half of that cut introduces us to a fucking riff given to the electric ones by the grim reaper himself. The trippy outro to that song, if listened to in the dark, might just inspire one to slip away from the earth-bound constraints of embodiment. Best have a medic on hand, just in case!!!

One minor criticism I have of DOPETHRONE is that the vocals aren't completely to my liking. I mean, if the vocals were brought up a little (not buried) and not fed through some sorta distortion box, they'd be fine. To each his own I guess, but I'm not a big fan of distorted vocals. Not that the vocal distortion is overwhelming (i.e. industrial), but it's enough to slightly annoy me. The thing that gets me is that his voice seems to be fairly interesting...I just wish I could hear it!!!

I happen to know that there are many, many metalheads who consider anything that isn't pummeling them over the head at 50 gazzilion beats per minute as lame. That's a cryin' damn shame, 'cause the slow spectrums of heaviness have alot to offer as well. Now I know a few of ya like the sludge filled stuff (c'mon, raise yer hands!!!). The problem is this: the guys and gals I know that dig the slow stuff, nine times outta ten ALSO dig the fast shit...but you almost never see the speed metallions goin' for the slow shit. What I'm saying is we gotta change that!!! I want to start a campaign advocating an acceptance of slow metal...and I think the WIZARD could reverse the negative perceptions we see projected towards the stoner, doom and sludge metal genres. I DARE the speed freaks out there to buy this album and tell me that this isn't finely crafted heavy metal...I DOUBLE DOG DARE YA!!
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