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Something Wicked
November 2010
Released: 2010, Earth Brain
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Long running Maryland Doomsters Earthride are back with their third full length album, SOMETHING WICKED. If you’ve heard anything from the band prior, you pretty much know what to expect from Earthride – fat, fuzzy Sabbath infused riffs wrapped in whiskey soaked vocals. Recognizing that the machine ain’t broke and it don’t need fixin’, SOMETHING WICKED is another monster collection of DC area doom. Stoners, rejoice…

The great thing about Earthride is that every song sounds like four guys just jammin’ in the rehearsal room. There’s generally very little in the way of studio tweaks or multi-tracking, and SOMETHING WICKED retains that same honest quality. Songs like “Make Up Your Mind” and “Grip the Wheel” sound like they were born on the stage of a biker bar on the edge of a town that no one knows the name of – sludgy, with lots of boogie. Other tunes like “Hacksaw Eyeball,” “Zodiac” and “Watch the Children Play” are heavy as a pallet of cinder blocks with their stripped down simplicity. Vocalist Dave Sherman sounds like Lemmy’s American cousin, who just happens to gargle with shards of glass, and his blue collar charisma adds an extra dimension of heavy to the tunes. “Supernatural Illusion” features a guest appearance from doom icon emeritus Scott “Wino” Weinrich on vocals and guitar (and happens to be another DC area alumni), and quite frankly, you can never have enough Wino in your day.

Even though the production values on the album are pretty bare bones compared to most other bands, it’s a step up from Earthride’s previous body of work. Pink Floyd this is not, but the improvements in the mix and just the general degree of polish on the album don’t go unnoticed. Proof positive that your album doesn’t have to sound like a pre-production demo to convey a sense of sonic abrasiveness. Let’s cut to the chase – if you liked Earthride before, you’ll like Earthride now. If you dig dirty, groovy doom a la Internal Void, The Obsessed, Iron Man, or Unorthodox, you’ll dig Earthride. If dig Sabbath inspired doom in general, you’ll dig Earthride. Are you sensing a trend here? SOMETHING WICKED is available now through iTunes, Hellride Music and other retail outlets.
Track Listing

Something Wicked (I May Become)
2. Hacksaw Eyeball
3. Make Up Your Mind
4. Destruction Song
5. Zodiac
6. Watch The Children Play
7. Grip The Wheel
8. Supernatural Illusion
9. Force Fed Fear


Dave Sherman – Vocals
Kyle Van Steinburg - Guitars
Rob Hampshire - Bass
Eric Little – Drums

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