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February 2007
Released: 2006, Nuclear Blast/Sound Pollution
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

My first exposure to the Hungarian Ektomorf was with their last studio album INSTINCT from 2005, so if you’re interested in reading more back story about Ektomorf then please check out that review.

Sadly, Ektomorf hasn’t developed since INSTINCT, and I find myself listening to the same unoriginal Sepultura/Soulfly rip-off band as before. Singer Zoltan sounds just like Max Cavalera, and the lyrics seem to be just as political as when Cavalera ruled Sepultura. The only minor change I can recognize in OUTCAST is the addition of more tribal metal when compared to the previous album. The tempo has also been slowed down. Every other aspect, however, is still the same.

OUTCAST contains 11 tracks, one of which is a ballad, and there’s nothing arousing about any of them. The entire album is built around standard riffs and attitude. The vocals and drums are a total rip-off from the ROOTS-era Sepultura or Soulfly.

Ektomorf has remained a standard cover thrash act and nothing more. The ballad “Who Can I Trust (Prayer)” is laughably lousy, and I can’t see anything positive about this album at all. The only thing good on the album is the production by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio in Denmark, but he’s a genius anyway and he can make Britney Spears sound metal.

When are Ektomorf going to wake up and find their own identity? They deserve more than to be a laughing stock and a third-grade cover act. If you want to listen to proper thrash then listen to ROOTS and CHAOS A.D by Sepultura or the first Soulfly album. I’m now putting Ektomorf into the darkest corner of my closet and I’m never going to take them out again. Instead, I think I have to put on some Sepultura to clean out my CD player.
Track Listing

I Choke
Ambush The Night
I’m Against
We Rise
Red I
Who Can I Trust (Prayer)
Leave Me Alone
Fuel My Fire
I Can’t Front My Enemy
Hell Is Here


Zoltan Farkas – lead vocals, guitar
Csaba Farkas – bass
Jozsef Szakacs – drums
Tamas Schrottner – guitar

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