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Illustrating Evil
February 2014
Released: 2013, Geenger Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Call it whatever you want, technical death metal, extreme metal, groove metal, whatever else you can think of to call this kind of music that touches the bans of bands like Meshuggah and At the Gates. E.N.D. (Evil Never Dies) are back in fine form with another album of skull crushing metal, ILLUSTRATING EVIL.

E.N.D. are as heavy as ever before, for anyone unfamiliar with the band they have one of the heaviest sounds out there of any band at the moment – guitars and bass sound like they have as many strings between them as there are in an entire musical instrument shop, and once we have this incredible heavy force it is not straight forward from there. The band is rhythmically complex, stopping and starting as they do- it is not that can be easily accessed by newcomers, even more so if they are alien to irregular timings, off-beats and other such progressive elements. To the unstrained ear E.N.D. will sound like chaos with no real structure, but rest assure there is one in there.

By ILLUSTRATING EVIL, E.N.D. have not changes their signature style, although they are much more similar to Meshuggah than any previous release. The album is methodically paced, not the fastest you have ever heard but it does the job and does it well. Opening track ‘Condemned to Servitude’ is one of the fastest songs you will hear on this album, and with intensity this song loosens your neck right from the start, as you will find yourself incapable of not headbanging to this gem. Songs like ‘Deception’, ‘Disowned’ and ‘Passing Time’ offer themselves as highlights of the album but generally after the onslaught that is ‘Avoid Eye Contact’, the album drifts off somewhat into a land where nothing seems to demand attention quite as much.

These days it is given expectation that any album will have a great production, and E.N.D. do not let this side down here, the vocal screams are clear and chaotic together, guitars sound like juggernauts marching and it is always a pleasure to hear a twang of the bass. ILLUSTRATING EVIL is an album that will please those who await for gems in the great banners of Meshuggah-style bands while have their own stamp on the songwriting style.
Track Listing

1.Condemned To Servitude
2.Avoid Eye Contact
4.Ways That Never Were
5.Passing Time
8.All Foregone


Alen Babin- Vocals, Guitar
Ivan Car- Bass
Davor Babin Didin-Drums

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by Helias Papadopoulos

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