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Modified Poison
August 2008
Released: 2008, Thundering Records / Pervade
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

E-Force is a band that has been built around ex-VoiVod vocalist Eric Forrest (the NEGATRON and PHOBOS albums). E-Force recorded their debut album, titled EVIL FORCES for the French label Season of Mist Records in 2003 and even received relatively good feedback on that album. After relocating from Montreal, Canada to Toulouse, France, Eric started to work with a new demo with a new lineup in the end of 2005, which led them eventually to ink a deal with Pervade/Thundering Records in 2006. The band´s 2nd album, MODIFIED POISON, is the first fruit of this deal - and the album sounds good...

So, how good is MODIFIED POISON actually, some of you may rightfully ask in order to satisfy your own needs of sheer curiosity for it. Well, it´s all-round good and entertaining stuff if you just happen to like thrash, spiced up with some heavy metal, and even think a fair dose of experimentation doesn´t harm your ear channels either at all. That´s what E-Force do on their second album MODIFIED POISON - trusting the power of thrash mostly, but also adding bits and pieces from heavy metal into it, and experimenting with their sound a bit (like Coroner, VoiVod and the likes have done). Songs like "Deviation", the title track "Modified Poison", "Revolution Riot Act" and "Exterminator" are all more of a straight-forward, somewhat raw yet technical type of thrash - while at the same time such tracks as "Agent 99", "Disillutioned" and "Wired" bring out this more experimental side of E-Force on MODIFIED POISON, giving more variation and depth for their songs. Eric´s vocals are somewhere in between thrash and black metal shrieks, definitely adding overall more of an aggressive vibe into the songs, which is a good thing in my opinion. "Perfexionist" (co-written by Alex Colin-Tocquaine from the French thrash legends Agressor), is the album´s heaviest yet most death metal sounding effort, but also occasionally bringing some of that VoiVod magic back to our minds by containing temporary moments of experiment in it.

The last song, "Victory", has been taken from VoiVod´s unreleased 2001 demo, and it has this certain, familiar VoiVod feel to it. The guitars and the vocals are those two most distinctive elements that automatically lead a listener to VoiVod´s direction. A very cool song all in all.

So, is MODIFIED POISON worth your money? Yes, most definitely it is...!
Track Listing

01. Deviation
02. Modified Poison
03. Lobotomized
04. Agent 99
05. Malpractice
06. Revolution Riot Act
07. La Vie Cest Precieux
08. Disillutioned
09. Exterminator
10. Perfexionist
11. Wired
12. Victory


Eric Forrest - Vocals & bass
Cyril Bernhardt - Guitar
Alsvid (Yannick Herrera) - Drums

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