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Dark Funeral
September 2001
Released: 2001, No Fashion Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The true apprentices of Satan, the horned kings of the flaming underworld Dark Funeral cut many of us short by releasing their utterly jet-black, evil-reeking 3rd full-length album, ill-omened titled DIABOLIS INTERIUM which doesn't let me to use all those positive metaphors that this outlet for all things foul, sinister and satanic actually would deserve more than many other "so-called satanic" Black/Death Metal releases today. 

Listening to Dark Funeral has always been a thrilling yet an up-lifting (hard to believe, isn't it -HA!) experience for me. I've got excited every time by anything they've done in their career (a self-titled mini-CD in '94, THE SECRETS OF THE BLACK ARTS CD in '96, VOBISCUM SATANAS in '98, TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO WORSHIP SATAN mini-CD in '01, IN THE SIGN OF HORNS mini-CD this year which is actually their legendary self-titled mini-CD as a re-mastered version w/ 2 Bathory covers as a bonus on it...), but this new one from them, DIABOLIS INTERIUM, definitely is by far their BEST album that leaves a listener for gasping for air - spitting out the blackest blood, turning crosses upside down, reducing the Holy Books to ashes and raping your favorite neighbor's under-aged daughters; and their lovely dogs and cats, too.

The band's diabolic, satanic high speed Black/Death Metal is just so irresistible; once you nail the CD in question into your CD-player, it may easily get stuck there for the next couple of days or weeks - depending on how stimulated you may have become by getting an overdose of their unholy hymns of the master Satan. It's almost a psychosomatic experience to let them invade your body, mind and soul for a passing moment 4coz once you've totally fallen in love with Dark Funeral - and especially with this particular album, there´s no turning back. Your love towards them will be continuous after that.

DIABOLIS INTERIUM holds such frenzied and intensive darkspheres that many bands even dare to touch upon on their own albums. Many ways, this is a kind of an album I personally would like to do if I was a member of a highly energetic Black/Death Metal band. It has something very real in it; a real feeling of something truly evil and satanic in it to be more precise which has absolutely nothing to do with any of the current trends in today4s metal scene.

The highlight tracks on DIABOLIS INTERIUM must be the opener "The Arrival of Satan´s Empire" which, most probably is, the catchiest Dark Funeral song written ever, "Hail Murder" - being a pretty standard D.F. -song with a really twisted chorus part; a slow-paced "Goddess of Sodomy" and a reworked version of "An Apprentice of Satan" that also is one of the catchiest songs Lord Ahriman and his other high priests of Hell have managed to come up with thus far.

Just wishing they could have a karaoke bar in Hell that could have Dark Funeral´s "Diabolis Interium" in its selection if you were sent straight down to the domain of the lost souls after you´ve come to end with your miserable earthly joys and sorrows. It's undoubtedly the best entertainment you can get.

Art is blasphemy - blasphemy is art...
Track Listing

01. The Arrival of Satan's Empire
02. Hail Murder
03. Goddess of Sodomy
04. Diabolis Interium
05. An Apprentice Of Satan
06. Thus I Have Spoken
07. Armageddon Finally Comes
08. Heart of Ice


Lord Ahriman - Guitars
Emperor Magus Caligula - Bass/vocals
Matte Modin - Drums
Dominion - Guitars

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